BGSU Firelands is a regional campus and one of eight colleges of Bowling Green State University.  Offering 15 associate degrees, nine complete bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degree programs, and a variety of one-year certificate programs and training opportunities, BGSU Firelands puts education within reach for all community members.  Located in Huron, Ohio, the scenic regional campus offers the advantages of a personalized education with the resources of a much-larger university.


BGSU Firelands Hosts Regional Economic Development

In March, BGSU Firelands co-hosted the Firelands Forum on Regional Economic Development at the Huron campus.  The first in a series of planned discussions, the event brought together more than 175 area political, business, educational and tourism leaders and featured Dr. Mazey as the keynote speaker.  read more



Nicki Chavarria’s path to a college diploma was certainly not typical. As a 37-year-old student, many would think her chances of success were less than average, but every morning she woke up for class she had two great reasons to push forward . . . read more


BGSU Firelands Assistant Professor of Political Science Stephanie Walls Published

“Individualism in the United States: A Transformation in American Political Thought” chronicles the impact of individualism throughout American history and how it continues to shape our cultural and political landscape. read more


BGSU Firelands student teaches in Germany

While many aspiring educators at BGSU Firelands may feel tethered to the region, nontraditional student Jennifer Purtee, 34, was determined to put her college on the map. read more

College goals vary from person to person, but Bowling Green State University Firelands College offers outstanding educational opportunities for those who seek either an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or the general education courses that will easily transfer to other institutions.  Starting your college career at BGSU Firelands has many benefits:


Cost effective.  Not only can students save money by avoiding the costs of campus housing at a larger residential college, but tuition at BGSU Firelands is half of the cost of most four-year institutions in Ohio. Full-time tuition at BGSU Firelands is only $2,465.40 per semester.

Personalized attention.  Larger colleges and universities can be overwhelming and a student will get “lost in the crowd.”  With a 20:1 student to faculty ration, BGSU Firelands faculty and staff take a personal interest in assuring the success of each and every student.  BGSU Firelands provides a welcoming environment for students who are transitioning from high school into college or for those who are entering college as nontraditional students.

Degree options.  BGSU Firelands offers 15 associate degree programs with 22 areas of specialty and nine bachelor’s degrees that can be fully completed on the Huron campus.  We also offer flexibility through day and evening courses.

Credits transfer.  Credit earned at BGSU Firelands transfers to more than 200 programs on the Bowling Green campus and most other colleges and universities.  Students can economically gain credit hours or earn an associate degree at BGSU Firelands and then pursue further education at the Bowling Green campus or another institution.

Increased earnings.  A college degree will improve lifetime earnings.  Lifetime earnings of individuals with an associate degree are on the average 33% higher than people with only a high school diploma.  Lifetime earnings of individuals with bachelor’s degrees are on the average 75% higher than people with only a high school diploma.

Increased employment opportunities too.  Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrates that the unemployment rate for those with an associate degree is 27% lower than those with only a high school diploma.  Bachelor’s degree holders have an unemployment rate of 49% lower than those with only a high school diploma.



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BGSU Firelands 2015 Summer Sessions Dates

BGSU Firelands Summer Sessions 2015:  May 11 - August 15

Regular Academic Session (05/18/15 - 08/07/15) code - 1

Last day to add 05/20/15
Last day to drop 05/22/15

3 Week Fast Track Session (05/11/15 - 05/29/15) code - 3W 

Last day to add 05/11/15
Last day to drop 05/12/15

6 Week First Session (05/18/15 - 06/26/15) code - 6W1

Last day to add 05/20/15
Last day to drop 05/22/15

6 Week Second Session (06/29/15 - 08/07/15) code - 6W2

Last day to add 07/01/15
Last day to drop 07/03/15

5 Week First Session (06/01/15 - 07/03/15) code - 5W1 

Last day to add 06/03/15
Last day to drop 06/05/15

5 Week Second Session (07/06/15 – 08/07/15) code - 5W2

Last day to add 07/08/15
Last day to drop 07/10/15

8 Week Summer Session (06/15/15 – 08/07/15) code - 8WS

Last day to add 06/17/15
Last day to drop 06/19/15

Please use these session dates to determine the session code for each class.

  • A class cannot begin before the session start date.
  • If the class falls outside these dates, use the session closest to the class begin date.
  • When trying to determine sessions, review the "last day to add and drop" dates.