Teaching & Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) strives to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning. We welcome university students to the center to help them: achieve academic success, improve self-esteem, and gain scholastic independence.

Resources and Services:

The Teaching & Learning Center provides many services. The TLC offers FREE individual, group and special needs tutoring, with a wide range of subject tutors available. Student tutors are chosen by their teachers and will help you do your best. The following is a brief overview of other services offered:

  • Make-up Tests - Please see the receptionist to schedule a make-up a test.
  • Special Needs area where students can work on the computer, take tests or get tutoring.
  • Reference books are available- The Writing Center has specific writing tools.
  • Two VHS/DVD kiosks for review of course material and tutorial resources.
  • 1 Large-Screen computer workstation for use by students with Special Needs.
  • 10 computers that students may use for homework and the Internet.
  • Math Videos.
  • Study software programs that you may use for help in the following subjects:
    • Typing, Grammar, Math, Biology, English, Chemistry, Geography, Spanish, and French.
  • Mental Health Resource Material.
  • Review Sections on computers in specific areas.

Monday Thru Thursday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday / Sunday   CLOSED

*Additional hours will be posted in the TLC during FINALS and Tutorfest 



Tutoring Services

If you need help with any of your classes please feel free to stop in and see us. When you come into the Teaching & Learning Center, see the secretary or receptionist on duty for assistance.

Rights and Responsibilities

Confidentiality and Respect
The tutee has the right to confidentiality. Both the tutor and the tutee have the right to mutual respect. Such respect includes, but is not limited to, appointment keeping and punctuality.

Intention to Learn from Instructor
The tutee is responsible for attending ALL classes and making an effort to learn from the instructor.  Tutoring is to supplement instruction ONLY. Meet with the instructor during office hours to establish rapport and obtain clarification of assignments. Should you need to miss a class please retrieve notes from a fellow classmate and view a video, if available.

The tutee is responsible for coming to tutoring sessions prepared. This implies reviewing notes and attempting all homework assignments prior to the tutoring session.

The tutee has the responsibility of contacting the tutor or TLC if he/she is unable to attend a scheduled tutoring session. Tutoring services will not be extended to tutees who fail to show for appointments more than three times. The tutee has the responsibility of contacting the director or secretary of the TLC, should a problem arise in the tutoring setting that cannot be resolved between the tutor and tutee.

Academic Honesty
The tutee has the responsibility to adhere to the academic honesty code of BGSU as outlined in the student handbook. This implies that you should be honest with your tutor as to graded assignments which the instructor intended for you to complete independently. The tutor must also abide by the academic honesty code in the application of services.