Technology Support

The Office of Technology Support Services (OTSS) is responsible for the support and maintenance of all desktop and server systems on the BGSU Firelands campus, including peripherals and software support. A list of supported software can by obtained by contacting OTSS.  To place a workorder for service, either contact us with our information on the left, or use the form link to the right. For additional service information, view BGSU Technology Topics:

BGSU Service Catalog

Instructional Software Support Information

Authorized software is software supported by OTSS and shall include the following: 1) software that is a university purchase, 2) software that is supported by a university license, 3) OTSS pre-approved and installed employee-purchased software whose license documentation and original disks/CDs are housed in OTSS, and 4) freeware and shareware obtained through the Internet.  Freeware/Shareware should follow the license guidelines set forth by the software developer. 

OTSS provides installation-only support for curriculum-based software, employee purchased software, and freeware/shareware whose documentation and licensing follows above policy for authorized software. Any support other than installation will be billed to individual departments. 

All BGSU-purchased computers and their content are BGSU-owned property; if software is not authorized by OTSS, it is subject to legal ramifications.

  • Submit a purchase requisition to the OTSS Director in writing for a software quote
    • Request MUST include the following information:
      • Software Manufacturer
      • Software Title
      • Software Version Number
      • Vendor Name (if you have one)
  • OTSS will verify that the requested software is compatible with university computer systems and no other potential conflicts exist.  You will be notified via e-mail of any potential issues.
  • OTSS Director will complete a request for Purchase Order and send to the Department Chair for proper sign-off
  • Department Chair will return completed/signed Purchase Order Request to OTSS Director.
  • Orders will be placed and tracked by OTSS, once software arrives, if this is an office installation, a work request will be generated for you and installation will begin.  You will be notified upon completion.  If this is a lab installation proceed to the section on “How do I request Software to be implemented in a lab”
  • Submit a work request to OTSS via the on-line work request system or by calling Extension 20626 (note: this extension accepts only on-campus  calls)
  • Software installations will be completed in 3-5 days. 
  • You will be notified via e-mail by the Director if the request cannot be fulfilled do to licensing and/or legal issues.



Request Deadline

Available for Testing


Friday of the 1st  week of November

5-8 Working days prior to the start of a semester.  Testing must be scheduled with OTSS Director during regular business hours. 


Friday of the 1st week of March


Friday of the 1st  week of July

** Summer review period may vary due to fast track classes and spring semesters course schedule.


  • Confirm your room assignment.
  • Please verify that you submitted the correct classroom on the request before you leave for break.
  • Notify OTSS Director in writing of any changes.


  • Wait for notification from OTSS Director via e-mail that your software has been approved.


  • Test lab software installation based on the above timeline.  The type of test should be discussed with the Director of OTSS ahead of time and should be scheduled.
  • Notify the OTSS Director in writing of any issues concerning the lab software installation immediately.
  • If lab software installation is complete and/or all issues have been resolved then you will sign-off on Lab Installation Software Request Form that the installation has been completed to your satisfaction.


  • No software installations will occur in any labs during a semester to avoid the risk of system failure and disrupting classes that may be using the lab.  All lab installations will be scheduled for breaks.
  • Late software request submissions will not be guaranteed for installation before the start of the semester!
  • Late requests will be accepted and implemented based on a case by case basis.

Network Services

All BGSU Firelands equipment connected to the BGSU Network must be registered through the Office of Technology Support Services. Any problems with network connectivity, relocation of BGSU Firelands computer equipment, or reconfiguration of network settings must be performed by an OTSS employee. Work requests can be filed with OTSS over the phone at extension 20626 (on campus) / 20743 (off campus) or by stopping by our offices at 231 North and completing a Work Request Form.

BGSU Firelands Wireless Network

Students, Faculty, and Staff may register their personal computer on the BGSU Wireless Network by inputting their BGSU Username and Password when prompted by the Wireless Authentication Server. This process registers your computer with the wireless network for a period of 12 hours, after which you will need to re-authenticate your computer to continue using the network. Short-Term access, for the purposes of training, seminars, and conferences can be provided by notifying the Office of Technology Support Services at least seven working days prior to the event. Using a Work Request Form, you will need to provide the OTSS Staff with the number of guest accounts required, the duration of the access you are requesting, and a description of the event. Our office will then generate a series of guest accounts and provide you with a printed list of Usernames and Passwords for your event.

Telephone Services

The Office of Technology Support Services is responsible for the connection, configuration and support of all telephone equipment on the BGSU Firelands campus. This includes the maintenance of the BGSU Firelands Switchboard, the AUDIX voicemail system, as well as any facsimile connections available on campus. All equipment for the BGSU Telephone system is provided by our office, at no time should you connect your own equipment to the BGSU Telephone system. Temporary telephone service requests, changes to the information displayed by the BGSU Telephone System Phones, Voicemail Assistance as well as any unit relocations, moving of BGSU Telephone equipment, activation or installation of new communications lines must be filed with OTSS. Work Request Forms are available in our office.

Telephone Directory Information

Your telephone data is available in the Directory Search functions available online and included with email clients.

For students who need to correct their data, see instructions for changing incorrect student data in a BGSU Directory Search. For the BGSU Telephone Book, see the instructions for changing incorrect student data, and note that the Office of Registration & Records collects off-campus student addresses during the first few days of the Fall semester.

For faculty and staff who need to correct their data should contact the Office of Technology Support Services and complete a work request regarding the change.

Insofar as the BGSU Telephone Book data, there are two University-wide updates per year. One is done just before the phone book is printed in the fall and the other is done at the beginning of spring semester.

At the Office of Technology Support Services, we are committed to:

  • Providing fast and efficient service to our customers (faculty, staff, & students).
  • Responding to faculty, staff and student work requests and complete them within an appropriate timeframe.
  • Promoting customer service within our lab areas and computing environment, recognizing that we are a service provider and our customers are very important.
  • Administering and proctoring the ACT Compass Testing system for BGSU Firelands.
  • Administering and controlling the BGSU ID Card process at BGSU Firelands.
  • Developing and maintaining the web presence of the college, integrating marketing and enrollment initiatives of the BGSU Office of Marketing and Communications as well as the BGSU Firelands Office of College Relations.
  • Supporting the development of web-based and web-assisted courses in the MY.BGSU Blackboard Course environment.
  • Continually updating/improving the computing environment of BGSU Firelands by updating, maintaining, and researching new, as well as, current technologies.
  • Developing and offering training for faculty, staff, and students on various software packages.
  • Creating a positive learning environment within our lab areas.
  • Collaborating with the Enrollment Management Team to maintain a COMPASS plan for reporting and collecting data.
  • Maintaining the existing hardware, software, networks and peripherals, and adding additional networking components and software where needed.
  • Establishing through the Information Technology Committee a set of common guidelines for computing on this campus.

The Office of Technology Support Services (OTSS) shall aid BGSU Firelands in its continuous effort to utilize state of the market technology, and where possible state of the art technology while recognizing that change in technology is constant. It is the main objective of this division to provide hardware, software, networking support and maintenance for the entire campus community.

OTSS provides the computing and networking infrastructure that others may build upon to keep us in step with the University’s goal of becoming a premier learning institution. It is the responsibility of OTSS to provide solutions that enable Faculty, Staff, and Students to utilize current technology, as well as promote the use of new technologies.

The Office of Technology Support Services (OTSS) plays a key role in supporting the BGSU Firelands' effort to establish an environment in which the application of technology enhances and improves teaching, learning, research, and university operations. OTSS provides technical support for all institutionally-owned computer systems on the BGSU Firelands Campus. This includes several large-scale minicomputers, campus servers, workstations and desktop computer equipment in public labs and department offices. The department is also responsible for overseeing the installation and ongoing maintenance of the campus network and the campus phone system.

OTSS is committed to making a positive impact on the teaching/learning processes and to promote the integration of computing and information technology into the classroom.

Miguel Garza

Miguel Garza

Position: Technology Support Specialist
Phone: 419.372.0743
Address: 1012 Cedar Point Center

David Gilmore

David Gilmore

Position: Audio-Visual Theater Technician
Phone: 419.372.0743
Address: 1012 Cedar Point Center

Julie Hamann

Julie Hamann

Position: Director of OTSS
Phone: 419.372.0743
Address: 234 North Building

Mike Myers

Mike Myers

Position: Server Manager
Phone: 419.372.0743
Address: 235 North Building

Sheryl Smith

Sheryl Smith

Position: Senior Secretary
Phone: 419.372.0743
Address: 231 North Building
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Debra Streng

Position: Technology Support Specialist
Phone: 419.372.0743
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