Elder College

Elder College at BGSU Firelands offers exciting lifelong learning experiences for adults over 50 of all educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. ElderCollege has been associated with BGSU-Firelands for the past 15 years. The presentations are on a very wide diversity of topics as well as field trips to various community organizations and businesses. In the past 10 semesters, Elder College has offered 250 classes to over 15,000 adults and 48 field trips for over 2,000 adults.

Our mission is to discover the joy of learning with other mature adults. There are no tests, no homework, no grades and no pressures of any kind. Just sit back and enjoy learning.

All the members volunteer their services, including the board and curriculum members as well as the presenters. If you are interested in volunteering, we are always interested in great people with fresh ideas.                                                                                                                                           

ElderCollege Board


Karen Walderzak


Paul Coburn

Vice President

Sari Kelley


Dr. Irwin Weinfeld


Ruth Brown
John Jones
Janet Scott
Nancy Lindsey
Dr. David Kramer
Scott Ford
Dr. Robert Speers
Dr. Dale Schnetzer