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Bowling Green State University maintains over 1,200 separate funds intended to support specific academic areas, programs, scholarship initiatives, capital programs, as well as various cultural and community programs. Give Now The focus of BGSU Firelands on the students and communities of north-central Ohio, provides a unique opportunity for your charitable gift to support the academic needs and growth of students in the area. You can also remember a loved one by donating a memorial or honorarium in their name.

However you choose to support BGSU Firelands, your gift is managed by the The Bowling Green State University Foundation so that you can be sure that your gift is going to the areas, programs, or student population you want to support.

Ways You Can Give To BGSU Firelands

  • Planned Giving: Planned giving can come in many forms. For some, it may be as simple as including the BGSU Firelands among their beneficiaries through a will, retirement plan or life insurance policy. Others may have entered into a charitable gift annuity or trust arrangement, where they receive an income for life before passing the principal on to BGSU Firelands. Still others have entered into an agreement where they have given their home or farm while retaining its use. We invite you to learn about the many ways gifts can be made and the resulting tax savings.
  • Bequests: Leave your legacy by making a gift in your will to friends, family and charitable organizations. A bequest is one of the simplest ways to remember those you care about most.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: What are your plans for the future? While there is no single way to achieve all of your personal and financial goals, there is one strategy that can meet many of your needs. It's called a charitable remainder trust. In the right circumstances, this plan can increase your income, reduce your taxes, unlock appreciated investments, rid you of investment worries and ultimately provide very important support.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: The concept of the charitable gift annuity in America dates back to the 1870s, when a parishioner first donated a valuable asset to the church in exchange for a flow of income. Today, the concept includes valuable tax benefits for donors.
  • Goals & Gifts: There is a gift for every objective. Find out which gift is right for you.
  • Charitable Lead Trust: If your goal is to provide an inheritance for your children, but you would also like to make a significant charitable gift through your estate, find out how a charitable lead trust can help you satisfy both objectives. It's a charitable lead trust that can provide a significant charitable gift through your estate and provide an inheritance to your children.
  • Retained Life Estate: One of your valued possessions, your home, can become a valued gift to us even while you are still living in it, and even if you want your spouse or other survivor to live there for life. This arrangement is called a retained life estate.
  • Wealth Replacement Trust: Perhaps you would like to make a sizable contribution to us now to help meet our current needs, but you don't want to reduce the estate you will pass to your family. The solution? Purchase life insurance.
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