Associate Dean

The Associate Dean is responsible for the administration of all Academic and Student Affairs for the BGSU Firelands campus. These include:

  • Preparing and maintaining all class schedules for Fall and Spring semesters, as well as all Summer sessions.
  • Approving all class schedule modifications requested by students.
  • Preparing and monitoring all academic room and facilities schedules.
  • Monitoring curriculum modifications for courses and/or programs at BGSU Firelands.
  • Adjudicating student appeals for withdrawals from classes, withdrawals from the university, and/or fee refunds.
  • Processing cases of student misconduct and plagiarism.

Along with the above, the Associate Dean serves as the Summer Dean for all Summer Sessions, supervises the Office of Student Services, Academic Advising as well as the activities of the Office of Registration for the BGSU Firelands campus.

in addition, the Associate Dean is responsible for representing BGSU and/or the Dean on various University Committees and Councils, BGSU Firelands and Community committees.