BGSU Firelands Falcon blasting into med school

Kimble Arnold was youngest to receive bachelor’s degree in December


By Marie Dunn-Harris ’95

Not many high school students can say they received their associate degree just weeks after receiving their high school diploma.  

Thanks to Ohio’s College Credit Plus program, Kimble Arnold was able to do just that, and even more. The Monroeville, Ohio, native went on to complete his Bachelor of Science degree at 19 years old and was the youngest in his class to receive a bachelor’s from BGSU in December.  

“It was a great opportunity for me to meet new people and have a lot of new experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to have just in the high school setting,” Arnold said.

While a student at Firelands, Arnold worked in the Teaching and Learning Center on campus, where he tutored students in chemistry, math, biology, computer science and Spanish.   

“Kimble created great memories for many of our student tutees, young and old, who credit him with their academic success in several of the science classes,” said Brigitte Green-Churchwell, director of Student Academic Enhancement. “For us in the Teaching and Learning Center, Kimble provided a great service that continued our quality reputation of academic support to our campus community.”

“We are grateful for all the encouragement and tutoring expertise in science and math that he has offered the students of Firelands,” said Alyson Wilson, senior mathematics lecturer.  

Arnold received his associate degree in science, highest distinction in spring of 2016. Because of the many credit hours he had already taken, he was able to complete his Bachelor of Applied Health Science degree with honors only a year and a half later.  

After receiving his diploma, Arnold was able to continue working at the Teaching and Learning Center while he applied to medical schools.  

“Everyone at Firelands is rooting for Kimble and we are very confident in his future in the medical field,” Wilson said.

Arnold recently found out that he was accepted into medical school at the University of Toledo.

“I’m going from being a Falcon to being a Rocket, so it’ll be interesting for sure,” he said.  

Arnold isn’t sure what specialty he wants to study just yet. He’s interested in psychiatry or anything related to allergy, immunology or radiology.

“I’m going in with an open mind and let the specialty pick me,” he said.

Whatever path he chooses, his peers know he has a bright future ahead.

“Kimble is genuinely interested in the faculty and staff when he asks, ‘How are you doing today?’” Wilson said. “That's what will bring comfort to future patients he meets in the medical field.”

While Arnold moves ahead with his career, he will always remember the time spent at BGSU Firelands and the College Credit Plus program.  

“It’s been a wonderful opportunity,” he said. “I’ve met a very diverse group of people and learned about differences between people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

Ohio’s College Credit Plus program is in its fourth year, and has had nearly 65,000 students participate. Public high school students who are interested in CCP can now notify their principal of their interest. The deadline for declarations of intent is April 1. 

Updated: 03/23/2018 02:34PM