Tuttamore Earns College Alumni Award

(LEFT) William Tuttamore with President Mary Ellen Mazey.  (ABOVE) Tuttamore with family members (RIGHT TO LEFT) nephew Marc Ritzenthaler (BGSU Class of 2018), niece Cari Ritzenthaler ‘17, wife Lois Tuttamore, William Tuttamore ’74 ‘76, daughter Annie Hild, son-in-law Brian Hild, granddaughter Kierstin Tuttamore ‘17.

“This is a great honor, as I truly believe and proclaim that ‘Once a Falcon, always a Falcon,’” said William Tuttamore ’74, ‘76 during his acceptance speech for the 2017 College Alumni Awards.

Held last March, the College Alumni Awards celebrate accomplished individuals for service to their professions, their communities, and to the University. Tuttamore was one of ten alumni to be recognized in 2017.

Tuttamore was among the first students to attend and graduate from BGSU Firelands and appreciates the opportunities which were presented to him by the fledgling campus.

“BGSU Firelands opened its doors to a young man with average high school grades, average college test scores and little funding.  Firelands also provided other opportunities and support that allowed me to complete my studies at BGSU and to be the first in our family to receive a bachelor’s degree,” said Tuttamore.

From an early age, the value of education and hard work was a gift diligently instilled in Tuttamore by his family.

“I come from a long line of hard worker’s from my Grandfather who emigrated from Italy as a skilled tradesman, my Mother’s family who worked in the coal mines in Pennsylvania and my father who worked three jobs to provide a better life for his five children,” said Tuttamore.

Tuttamore earned an associate degree in arts and a bachelor’s of science degree in communications. Upon graduating he began a 40-year career in finance including a 25-year tenure at The Marblehead Bank as vice president of loans.  After serving in various capacities, Tuttamore was appointed a bank director in 1998 and he was promoted to president and CEO of the bank in 2011.

During his career, Tuttamore also taught financing, banking and economic classes at BGSU Firelands, OSU Lima, The American Institute of Banking, and Ohio Banking School.

Tuttamore has been recognized with the Northwest Ohio Bank Auditors Association’s Founding President’s Award, American Institute of Banking President Award, Marblehead Peninsula Chamber of Commerce President Award, the Kirkpatrick Award for Community Service, and many other honors.

He served on the BGSU Firelands Advisory Board and on a fundraising committee for a new nursing facility on the Firelands campus.  

Tuttamore lives in Lakeside-Marblehead. He and his late wife, Louis, raised four children and he enjoys spending time with his eight grandchildren. Tuttamore is proud to proclaim that his family is now third generation BGSU alumni.

“It is my hope that our relationship with BGSU is a legacy that will continue to develop into opportunities for our family and future generations to come,” said Tuttamore.