Mucci Farms Begins Construction


The much anticipated construction of Mucci Farms new greenhouses has begun on the property adjacent to, and formerly owned by, Bowling Green State University Firelands College.  Started in June of this year, the $70 million project will be completed and harvesting produce by next spring.

The new facility will be an economic boon for the community, but equally important, has the potential to provide learning opportunities for BGSU students.

Mucci Farms is a Canadian-based company which produces a variety of fruits and vegetables and supplies such companies as Kroger, Trader Joe’s, Costco, Wal-Mart and others.  The Huron greenhouse operations will mark the first U.S. production facility owned by the company.

“It’s a unique opportunity for us because of (Huron’s) proximity to our markets and our headquarters,” said company CEO Bert Mucci.  “About 65 percent of our production right now is delivered across the border (from Canada to the U.S.). Because of that, being in the U.S. is really attractive to us,” he added.

The Huron operation will include several greenhouses, a warehouse, distribution center, and offices on a 95-acre plot which was sold to the company by BGSU.  When completed, the operation is expected to create 200 new jobs in the community.

“For many years, the land has been leased to local farmers.  Now the land will continue to be utilized for agriculture; however, there are enhanced benefits for the College and our student,” said BGSU Firelands Dean Andy Kurtz.

Mucci has confirmed they are eager to offer internships and co-op opportunities to BGSU students in a variety of disciplines.  Additionally, the hydroponic greenhouses and agricultural initiatives of Mucci will provide a testing ground for graduate and undergraduate research.

 “We continue to communicate with Mucci farms about possible partnerships and academic enrichment opportunities for our students on both campuses,” said BGSU Firelands Dean Andy Kurtz.