Work, School and Leadership


Bethany Evans’ advice to future students is, “Know your limitations and never bite off more than you can chew.”  She says this, of course, in complete contradiction to the fact that she has most definitely taken a large bite.

Evans is a senior at BGSU Firelands working toward her bachelor’s degree in social work.  She has already completed three associate degrees in the process – an associate of science, an associate in human services, and an associate in criminal justice.

“As I was working on my associate degree, I realized I only needed another class or two to earn another degree,” said Evans, who clearly does not shy away from a little extra work.

In addition to taking a full course load, Evans is also the Student Government President; last year she served as vice president and interim president.  “I enjoyed my experience as the vice president and wanted to stay involved.  I also felt there was still much to be accomplished,” said Evans.

As a Student Government leader, Evans is the voice of students on College Council and other committees.  Additionally, Student Government conducts and assists in a variety of activities throughout the year.  Under Evans’ leadership, Student Government has coordinated or supported events such as the Homecoming Spirit Week, parade, and celebration; the Fall Harvest Banquet, voter registration days, and Bowling Night.  Evans has also begun planning events for next semester such as the Creed Day, the Mu Tug with the Dean, and the annual Luau.

“Bethany is invested in BGSU Firelands and in our students’ quality of life here on campus. She is caring and empathetic, organized and conscientious, and all of these things come together to form a good leader. We are fortunate to have her,” said Stephanie Walls, BGSU Firelands associate professor of political science and Student Government advisor.

With 16 credit hours this semester and all of the responsibilities of Student Government there are many nights when Evans is at the campus until 10 p.m. or later.  The late hours are even more disconcerting when taking into account that Evans is also employed in her field.

Although she has always worked during her college career, she recently accepted a position with Firelands Regional Medical Center Counseling & Recovery Services.  While completing a practicum with Firelands Regional Medical Center, Evans was encouraged by her supervisors to apply for a permanent opening within the health care organization.  Evans jumped at the opportunity and is now a Community Psychiatric and Supportive Treatment Case Manager.

“I connect people to community resources like housing, access to food, and social services,” said Evans, who manages a caseload of approximately 54 clients.

“What I am learning is the workplace reinforces my classwork.  After I complete my bachelor’s degree, I can continue in case management or go into therapy, but I am also interested in a career which works more with children.  There are lots of options,” said Evans.

Working, classes, and Student Government have provided significant challenges for Evans and she has made some sacrifices to balance the needs of her current commitment.  However, in the spirit of her aforementioned advice to others, Evans does not feel she has bitten off too much.  In the case that she ever does, she knows how to handle it.

“It’s important to recognize when you can’t manage your challenges.  If necessary, let something go, or seek out others who can help you better cope with your issues,” said Evans.  Sage advice from a budding, yet accomplished professional.