50th Anniversary Celebration

Photo courtesy of Sandusky Register /ANGELA WILHELM

August 2015 will mark the beginning of a year-long celebration of BGSU Firelands’ 50th Anniversary.  We will recognize and celebrate 50 years of providing an excellent opportunity for the local community to attend lectures, artistic performances, earn certificates, associate degrees, and 4-year university degrees - all within driving distance of our homes, our families, and our jobs.

To celebrate this milestone, the College is planning a variety of events, activities, and promotional opportunities to highlight the accomplishments of the first 50 years of BGSU Firelands.  As the start of the 50th Anniversary approaches, more information will be provided on this website for reference.


The mission of the 50th Anniversary is to celebrate the students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends who have contributed to the success and educational advancements of BGSU Firelands since its creation in 1965.


  1. Conduct events which honor achievements, memories, and stakeholders of the College with a priority of highlighting the College’s educational mission
  2. Demonstrate the important role that BGSU Firelands has played in the community for the last 50 years
  3. Promote the College to attract future generations of students and enhance the College’s position in the community
  4. Gather information, materials, testimonials, etc. for use in printed/video materials that celebrate the College’s history  

Cindy Bailey                                                                  Allied Health Faculty

Connie Brown ‘90                                                          Current Student

Robert Clasen ‘66, '69                                                    Former Director of Student Service at BGSU Firelands

Patti Crawford                                                                Alumni Affairs & Development Officer

Rachael Cummings                                                        Student Government

Tom Gerrity ‘92                                                            Alumni Advisory Board

Stacey Hartley                                                              College Development Officer

Trinidy Jeter                                                                 Student and Campus Activities Coordinator

Tim Jurkovac ‘85, '92                                                    Sociology Faculty

Bonnie Lindsley                                                            Bookstore Manager

Ann Maschari ‘74                                                          BGSU Firelands Alumni

Mike Myers ‘97, '00, '05                                                 Office of Technology Support Services

George Mylander‘58, '70, '03 (honorary)                          Development Board Member

Joel Rudinger ‘60, '71                                                   Retired Faculty

Dale Schnetzer                                                             Retired Faculty

Dean Schnurr                                                              Marketing & Community Relations

Jaymee Skelly ‘09, '14                                                  Marketing & Community Relations

Alyson Wilson‘91                                                         Mathematics Faculty