Library Services


Direct Borrowing at Other OhioLINK Libraries

Students (Undergraduates and Graduates)

BGSU Photo ID, or

Current library validation card (provided through Continuing Education)with Photo ID


Faculty and Staff




Courtesy Card patrons

Current BGSU Library courtesy card and Photo ID

Visiting Patrons from other OhioLINK libraries


Current ID from the home institution, and an active, current account in the library database at the home institution.


  • Any BGSU patron with a valid, current account with BGSU Libraries and a valid BGSU ID may borrow directly from other OhioLINK libraries.
  • Before you make the trip to another library, drop in or call Circulation staff at the Jerome or Firelands libraries to check that your record is current.
  • Books or items checked out from other OhioLINK libraries have the same loan periods and restrictions as OhioLINK books borrowed via online requests.
  • For more information on OhioLINK, check the undergraduate, graduate, and faculty circulation survival guides.

Pick-Up Anywhere

Pick-Up-Anywhere allows patrons to request OhioLINK items and have them delivered to any OhioLINK member location, including BGSU. The process for using PUA is quite similar to requesting an item for delivery to the local pick up site. To request delivery of OhioLINK materials to a site other than BGSU:

  • Locate an item, as usual, in the OhioLINK central catalog.
  • Choose BGSU as your institution and enter your e-mail user name and e-mail password.
  • Choose the OhioLINK institution nearest your desired location from the pull down menu.
  • Choose a pick up site at that institution in the second drop down menu.
  • Track the progress of your request in My Library Account.

We will send an e-mail notice when the item arrives. You can pick it up using your BGSU ID or Courtesy Card. Before using Pick-up Anywhere, make sure your library record is current.

Have a Question? Contact the Information Desk at 419-372-0739.

Headphones, calculators, laptops & mice are available for checkout at the Information Desk.

Present your BGSU ID to check out these items.

Laptops, headphones and mice are checked out until the end of the business day and must remain in the library, there are no renewals.  Calculators are checked out until the end of the semester and can be taken home.

If the needed material is not in the BGSU or OhioLINK catalog, or it doesn't circulate through OhioLINK, request it through Interlibrary Loan. For articles, check the electronic journals or full text databases available through the BGSU and OhioLINK menus -- you may be able to print a full text version of the article directly to your desktop. If the article is not available in full text, request the item via ILL.

Some point to consider when requesting an item through ILL:

  • You may not request materials that BGSU owns (even if someone else has them checked out or they are non-circulating);
  • The items may be restricted to use within the library only;
  • The loan periods are different depending on the lending institution;
  • You may not be able to renew items.

ILLiad is BGSU Libraries' online interlibrary loan request system. You can create a personal account, submit requests online, track the status of your requests, and receive email notification of arrival. Please read the ILLiad FAQ for more information.

ILL materials can take from 2-4 weeks to arrive and sometimes take longer, depending on the lending institution. You can track the progress of your requests via ILLiad. There is a description of the meaning of ILLiad statuses in the ILLiad FAQ.

Material checked out through the Firelands College Library can generally be renewed in one of three ways, as long as no other patron has put a hold on the item:

  • In person renewal
  • Telephone renewal  - 419-372-0739
  • On-line renewal

NOTE:  If material is on hold or has been recalled it CANNOT be renewed.

At the end of the semester (undergraduate students and courtesy card borrowers), or at the end of the academic year (graduate students, faculty, and staff borrowers), items must be physically presented for renewal.

In person renewal:

Renew items in person by presenting the items and your University ID at any circulation desk.


Telephone Renewal:

  • Materials may be renewed by calling 419-372-0739
  • Have your University ID and the material with you and follow the directions of the library staff.  
  • Record the new date and the renewal code, as directed by the library staff


On-line renewal: 
ITEMS which are overdue CANNOT be renewed online.  If you try to renew overdue items online, the system will not allow the renewal.  Read the screen carefully.

  • Choose “My Library Account” available on the University Libraries home page or in the Library Catalog.
  • Enter your BGSU username and password (same as for campus email and MyBGSU). If you are a Courtesy Card patron, enter your full name as it appears on your library card, and the library card number (including the R.)
  • Click on “checked out items.”
  • Select the items to renew by checking the box to the left of each title
  • Click on the "Renew Selected Items" button, and note the new due date assigned for each item.

Any BGSU-owned item can be requested by any BGSU patron if:

  • The patron has a valid patron account,
  • The item is part of a circulating collection,
  • The item has a status of 'Available'.

If these conditions are met, a 'Request' button will appear on the item record in the University Libraries Catalog. There are two possible pick-up locations: Jerome Library and Firelands Library.

Please allow 72 hours for these requests to be processed. We will send an email notice when the item is ready for pick-up. My Library Account can also be used to track requests. When the item's status reads 'Ready. Must be picked up by xx / xx / xx' it is ready to be picked up at the circulation location you chose.


If a BGSU-owned item is checked-out, we can place a hold on it for you. A hold will ensure the following:

  • The patron who has the item checked out will not be permitted to renew it.
  • When the item is returned it will go on the hold shelf in your name.
  • You will be allowed to check the item out for at least 2 weeks.

Faculty and students can place a hold by either stopping by the information desk.

We send an email notice when your held items arrive; however, be sure to check your library account at My Library Account frequently to double-check.

Have a Question? Contact the Information Desk at 419-372-0739.

Looking for a new place to study? The BGSU Firelands Library has a group study room available for BGSU Firelands students, faculty and staff located in the back of the library next to the Writing Lab.  Library patrons can use this room to study in groups or to work collaboratively on projects. The room is a privately enclosed space, allowing for groups up to 5 people to work together. The room is available on a first come first served basis.  If the room is empty it is available for use.

Borrowing Privileges for Alumni and non-BGSU affiliated community members.

Any Ohio resident may apply for a courtesy card for borrowing privileges at the University Libraries. Please ask at the circulation desk of Jerome or Firelands Libraries for an application.

  • Courtesy cards may be used by applicant only -- there are no corporate, group, or family cards.
  • If applicant is under 18, the application must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • The fee is $25.00 per year.
    • This fee is waived for BGSU alumni.
  • Courtesy Card patrons may borrow most BGSU Jerome Main stacks materials and have limited OhioLINK borrowing privileges.
  • OhioLINK policy limits borrowing to 5 items on one’s record at any given time.
  • Non-affiliated borrowers are currently limited to 10 BGSU items at a time.
  • Affiliated borrower have a limit of 50 items.
  • Courtesy card borrowers do not have remote access to the online research databases.
  • Some special collection materials are not loaned to Courtesy Card holders.
  • Courtesy cards are valid for one year, but privileges must be updated at the end of each academic semester. 
  • Courtesy Card and Photo ID must be presented at time of application and every time materials are borrowed.

Other OhioLINK Patron Members

Patrons from other OhioLINK institutions may borrow directly from the University Libraries with their current home institution ID and a valid record in their home library.

Important: Check with your home institution library before coming to insure the status of your record.

  • Items borrowed from BGSU directly are subject to the same loan periods and restrictions as OhioLINK items borrowed via online requesting.
  • For renewals and more information, contact your home library.

Have a Question? Contact the Information Desk at 419-372-0739



Printing costs will be deducted from your BG1 card. To add money to your BG1 card, use the black machine near Firelands Vending (takes cash and credit cards) or online through MyBGSU.

For black & white printouts:

The default printer for all computers is BW-Fire-Labs

Click Print

Enter your BG username

Walk over to computer to release your print job by swiping your ID OR entering your BG username

Select your print job, and select print or delete to remove.

For color printouts:

You need to change to the color printer by selecting Color-Fire-Labs

Click Print

Enter your BG username

Release your print job by going to the color printer,  and log in by swiping your card or using your BGSU username and password to release your document.

Printing for guests:

Guests (without BG usernames and passwords) must buy a guest copy card and add money to it. This can be done at the Bookstore. Guest copy cards cost $2.00, which does not include any money for printing. Extra money must be loaded onto the copy card.

Guest printing can be done from any student computer in the Firelands Library.  You must select either BG-Fire-Labs Guest for black and white printouts or Color-Fire-Labs Guest for color printouts. After you select print, you will be prompted to type in the number on the back of your guest copy card.

If you have any questions or need any help with the printing process, please contact the Information Desk.


Copying for BGSU Students, Faculty & Staff

1.      In the Firelands Library there is Black and White/Color Xerox copy machine. You need to have money preloaded on your BG1 Card. You can swipe your BG1 Card or login with your BG username and password.  Cost is the same as printing in color or black and white. Once card is swiped start copying.  After 90 seconds you will be logged out automatically.


If you have any questions or need any help with the printing process, please contact the Information Desk.


Scanning for BGSU Students, Faculty & Staff

The color printer located in the Firelands Library can also send PDF scans of material to your email for free. You do not need to login or have money on your BG1 card to scan.

Press yellow button “Clear All” twice, then confirm

Select email button

Select New Recipient

Enter your email address, select +add button, then select Close

- If you will use the auto feeder, place item(s) on feeder then press Start.

- If you will be scanning only one page, place item on scanner and press Start

- If you will be scanning multiple pages, place item on scanner, press Start then select Next Original once. When  

  last item is scanned, select Last Original.

When finished, you will hear a slight beep telling you that the scanned item was sent to the email address that was entered. 

Check your email

If you have any questions or need any help with the printing process, please contact the Information Desk.

What does it mean to be an information literate college student at BGSU Firelands?

Information literacy is defined as being able to "recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information. In other words, you have to know what you need, where to find it, how to tell if it's any good, and what to do with it.

Many of us take for granted that we have these skills. We all know how to use Google, right? However, the information environment in higher education is a complex one, and you'll need to learn new skills to take advantage of it.

At BGSU Firelands Library, we're here to help! You can send quick questions to a librarian whenever you need a quick answer, call 419-372-0739 or email We also offer free individual consultations to students. Our librarian provides one-on-one in-depth help with research projects, can teach you how to use a specific database, or just simply give a ‘refresher course’ on library research!