Allied Health & Sciences Project

About the Project

For more than four decades, BGSU Firelands has been a cornerstone of the region and an important part of the mission of BGSU. Through its many academic programs, professional development offerings and outreach to the community, BGSU Firelands has demonstrated its commitment to bringing the best of BGSU to the Firelands community.

During my visits to BGSU Firelands, it is evident that there is something special about the College. BGSU Firelands offers a unique learning environment that supports the individual growth and success of the students by providing strong academic programs, an outstanding faculty and excellent support services.

As a self-supporting campus, responsiveness to immediate and evolving community needs is important. Throughout the past decade and in response to employer demands, student interest and employment projections, the College has expanded academic opportunities in nursing and allied health careers through the development of eight new programs in those areas.

The biggest challenge facing the current and future success of these programs is adequate space and appropriate facilities. This issue must be addressed immediately, and I am asking for your help. I have endorsed the request to complete an allied health and science expansion and renovation at BGSU Firelands. The new state-of-the-art facilities will meet pressing classroom and laboratory needs. With these additions and renovations, the campus will be able to offer an exceptional healthcare curriculum for decades to come.

Your past support of BGSU Firelands is greatly appreciated. I ask for your continued support as we begin the next phase of advancement for the College and the community. Together, we can build the future of the College and ensure that the Firelands area remains at the forefront of educational excellence.


Mary Ellen Mazey, Ph.D.

President, Bowling Green State University


Following a challenge to communities throughout Ohio to demonstrate their interest in establishing a college or university nearby, leaders in our community formed the Committee on Educational Development (COED) campaign committee. Our community laid the foundation for higher education excellence in the Firelands region and hoped for an exciting future in partnership with Bowling Green State University.

Throughout the decades, we have worked diligently to fulfill those early expectations. BGSU Firelands has grown from 600 students in 1968 to nearly 2,500 students today. Degree offerings have likewise expanded, from one associate degree in 1968 to 15 associate, nine bachelor’s and two master’s degrees today. Critical to our continued success has been the College’s ongoing partnership with our community. The College’s dynamic relationship with the community, maintained through channels such as the College Advisory Board, College Development Board, College Alumni Board, and program oversight boards, guides both short- and long-term strategic plans for the college.

Guided by a new campus master plan, workforce projections and broad input from the community, BGSU Firelands is embarking on a major building expansion as well as significant renovations to existing buildings. This initiative will provide essential classroom and laboratory space for our nursing and allied health programs and sciences to better serve our students, area employers and community now and in the future. The Allied Health & Sciences Project will add state-of-the-art laboratories to replace and expand outdated science labs, redesigned and expanded classrooms and related spaces to meet the needs of expanded educational offerings in healthcare careers, and much needed space for a growing student population.

With your support, we can build on the foundation laid by our community in 1966. A gift to the Allied Health & Sciences Project is an investment in our students, who will be fully prepared to begin or continue meaningful careers in our community; an investment in our employers, whose businesses grow with the help of our well-educated graduates; and an investment in our community, where we ensure that the higher education needs of future generations will receive the same affordable educational opportunities that BGSU Firelands has offered since opening. Please join us in building the future for the Firelands region.

Your truly,

Andrew J. Kurtz

Dean, BGSU Firelands, Ph.D.


Judith A Sommers, Ph.D.

Chair, BGSU Firelands Capital Campaign Committee

In 2010, University Trustees approved a 25-year campus master plan for BGSU Firelands which recognized the continued and anticipated growth of the campus, the need for additional academic and student space, and the continued stewardship of its existing facilities.

With the support of the University and the master plan as its roadmap, BGSU Firelands began the process of planning for expanded and enhanced space to support student education and the advancement of health-related careers. The proposed renovations and expansion would fulfill immediate campus and student needs and accommodate the near-term growth of the college. It also represented a commitment on behalf of BGSU to satisfy the growing need for the education of healthcare professionals in our community.

The Allied Health & Sciences Project included two phases.  Phase I consisted of a 12,700 square foot two-story addition to the current North Building to provide critically needed laboratory spaces in the natural and physical sciences. Completed in November of 2015, the new facilities expand upper division course offerings that support Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) disciplines, and act as a catalyst for new bachelor’s degree programs.

Phase II of the Allied Health & Sciences Project includes a proposal for 35,142 square feet of renovations to the North Building and George Mylander Hall. The renovations are essential for expanding health-related offerings for students and increasing the number of well-trained healthcare professional in the community. The newly remodeled facilities will accommodate high-demand degree programs in nursing and allied health careers including radiologic technology, respiratory care, and diagnostic medical sonography.

Nationally and locally, healthcare is among the fastest growing and most popular occupational sectors. Twelve of the 20 fastest growing occupations nationwide are healthcare vocations; by 2022, the healthcare industry is expected to generate 4 million new jobs - more than any other industry.

Healthcare is about jobs, but also the vitality of a community: to help everyone reach his/her potential of a long and healthy life, and to help a community deal proactively with an aging population and lifestyle challenges.

In north central Ohio, the healthcare industry continues to flourish despite an economic period that saw reductions in nearly every other sector. A recent survey of area businesses indicated that employers in the healthcare fields are now hiring at rates greater than other industries, and this trend will continue into the future. Many hospitals and medical facilities have benefited from recent expansions as the tri-county area has become a recognized leader in providing healthcare.

This growth in healthcare careers created a need for expanded educational opportunities to meet employment demands. BGSU Firelands has partnered with Lorain County Community College, The University of Toledo, and Firelands Regional Medical Center School of Nursing to deliver a broad range of healthcare programs in our community. These successful endeavors have helped meet the growing demand for healthcare education, leveraging state support for higher education in a fiscally responsible manner.

BGSU Firelands has positioned itself to be a leader in preparing healthcare professionals while the community demand for these careers grows. The Allied Health & Sciences Project will position BGSU Firelands and the community to be the premier leader in the delivery of healthcare education in our region while enhance other degree offerings in business, technology, and public service.


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