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A message from the Dean
Welcome to another issue of The Lamp: a newsletter from BGSU Firelands.  Since dubbing this publication The Lamp, we have received a few questions asking about its curious name.  First and foremost, the name is an homage to BGSU Firelands’ first newspaper which was published from 1969 to 1983; however, The Lamp is also a reference to the light posts which were originally erected on this campus.  To learn more, read the article The Lamp is Born, which was originally published in The Lamp on October 13, 1969.

Last month we held commencement at BGSU Firelands.  For students, it is the culmination of their years of study and represents achievement of the goal each individual sets on their first day of class.  For faculty, it is validation of their efforts as academicians – to witness the success of those they taught.  It is a rewarding evening for everyone. The evening featured keynote speaker William MacDonald ’86, ’89, ’92, Executive Dean of Regional Campuses at The Ohio State University, and you can read more about him in the commencement article.  The commencement audience was also introduced to student William Sberna who shared his personal experiences and reflections of being a student at BGSU Firelands.  Learn more about William Sberna in the newsletter. 

Commencement also means we welcome new members to our network of alumni.  There are more than 175,000 BGSU alumni throughout the world and they remain one of the most valuable resources of the University.  Alumni serve BGSU in a variety of ways, but one of the most powerful and effective is through their mentorship and support of our current students.  This edition of the newsletter features the BGSU Firelands Speed Networking event, which is an excellent example of that support.

Lastly, I encourage you to review the article on Instructor of Psychology Chris Fluckinger.  Dr. Fluckinger received the 2017 BGSU Firelands Creative Scholar Award and has been recognized for his contributions to the field of organizational psychology. 

Please enjoy this edition of The Lamp and enjoy your summer.

With regards,

Andy Kurtz
Andy Kurtz, Ph.D.
Dean, BGSU Firelands

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