Firelands Alumni

If you are an alumni of BGSU Firelands, the Office of Career Services is here to support you through your career transitions.  We offer career assessments, resume review, and job search assistance for all of our alumni.  To explore the career support offered to our alumni, please make an appointment with the Office of Career Services.

You will continue to have access to WorkNet, BGSU’s online database of employment openings, for up to one year after your graduation.  To access Handshake as an alumni, please click here.

As an alumni of BGSU, you will also have access to ThinkOptimal.  Formerly known as Optimal Resume, ThinkOptimal career management platform enables you to create, present, manage, and share career materials that are based on your unique goals—all free of charge to BGSU alumni. For the access code, please send an email to

Finally, the BGSU Firelands Alumni Association offers dynamic opportunities to support you through career changes.  The BGSU Firelands Alumni Association provides alumni with an exciting, engaging association where alums can interact with one another, receive career service assistance, stay involved with campus activities and events, engage in community service opportunities, and remain informed of the latest news at both BGSU main campus and BGSU Firelands.