Student Organization Leadership

Your organization is ready to roll.  Prospective officers are excited about beginning the school year and making your organization great!  Before you all get started, it is important to have a plan for becoming a successful student organization.  There are two important steps to take before you plunge into the year’s activities: 1) building your group into a team and 2) determine your goals for the year.

Team Building is the process of forming diverse individuals into a cohesive team, which is a group that has several things in common.  Members are more effective and dedicated when they feel comfortable around each other.  One of the most efficient and effective ways to building a team is setting aside time for ice breakers at each meeting/gathering.  Another great option is attending student leadership development retreats/conferences/events.  Student and Campus Activities will share information about several student leadership development opportunities throughout the year. 

Team Building:

  1. Icebreakers as a component of meeting/gatherings
  2. Agreement on a purpose for the group
  3. Agreement on what the group is looking to accomplish (goal(s) i.e. what do you want this organization to do at Firelands?
  4. Agreement on the specific roles in which each person will work to accomplish the objectives i.e what do you believe are the greatest assets you bring to the organization?  

Student and Campus Activities encourages the creation of new student organizations year around.  However, it is more advantageous to start your organization at the beginning of the academic year or semester.  Student Organizations are able to easily recruit members at the Welcome Back Fest and submit a student organization Budget Proposal while funding is available. 

  1. All Student Organizations should strive to fulfill a need or special interest on campus that is not addressed by an existing organization.
  2. All student organizations will update their registration with Student and Campus Activities by the third Thursday of September.  Click here to Register Your Student Organization.
    • Student organizations must meet the following requirements:
    • Have an identified Executive Board consisting of at least 4 officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.  Describe roles/responsibilities within the organization’s constitution. 
    • Designate one member to serve as the Student Government representative.  A representative of each organization will attend General Body Student Government meetings on behalf of the organization. 
    • Student Organization Constitution on file with Student and Campus Activities.  Our sample constitution can be used as a model.
  3. Secure at least one Student Organization Advisor.  Advisors are BGSU Firelands faculty/staff or approved community advisors.  See more info about Student Organization Advisors below.
  4. New student organizations can register by completing the Register Your Student Organization form and fulfilling the above requirements for all student organizations.
  5. Plan events and meetings for the semester or entire year.  Check out the Programming Checklist for programming guidance.
  6. Attend the required training sessions, such as Budget Training and Trip Coordinator training, to ensure your student organization has all the needed tools to be successful.  

Advisors are a great resource for student organizations.  Advisors are BGSU Faculty/Staff and/or community members who assist student organizations.  Should the student organization elect to have a community member (any person who is not currently an employee of BGSU Firelands), the person(s) must first be approved by Student and Campus Activities. 

Advisors are responsible for assisting the student organization with navigating general university policies.  Advisors provide guidance to members, especially the executive board, and assist with developing signature programming experiences. 

Advisors might also:

  • Oversee financial transactions
  • Serve as a consultant concerning membership, elections, procedures and responsibilities
  • Maintain awareness of the activities and programs sponsored by the student organization
  • Assist with new officer transitions
  • Attend meetings, discuss upcoming programs, assist with short and long term goals, problem solve and trouble shoot.

Advisor and student organization responsibilities should be openly communicated to ensure expectations of both parties are met.

Updated: 01/23/2020 02:14PM