Student Organization Funding

Registered student organizations executive board members and the advisor will receive an invitation to submit Budget Proposals to Student and Campus Activities by the third Thursday of September.  Please contact Student and Campus Activities directly if funding is needed prior to the Budget Proposal deadline. 

Budget Proposals are reviewed by a committee of faculty, staff and students.  The student organization Executive Board and Advisor will be notified of the approved budget via email within 10 business days post the due date.  All allocated funding should be expended by April 1.  Contact Student and Campus Activities for special circumstances.

Student Organization funding is utilized for campus programming and operational expenses such as invited speakers, special events and signature programs.  Agency Account funding should be used to support fundraisers. 

The BGSU Firelands Budgets and Operations, BGSU Cash Collection, and the University Handbook should be referenced for additional information.

Student Budget Proposals are due to the Student Organization Budget Committee no later than September 15 at 5 p.m. via email to 

Please submit any supporting documents to the Office of Student and Campus Activities in 106A GMH by the deadline.

At least one member of each registered student organization must attend a budget training session to access student organization funding.  During training, you will review budgetary policies and procedures. Student Organizations can also pose specific questions to Student and Campus Activities.

Review and final budget approvals will be conducted the last week of September.

  1. All student groups/organizations requesting access to allocated funds must submit a Budget and Operations Purchase Requisition to Student and Campus Activities within 30 days prior to the purchase of the expenditure. 
  2. If an expense is purchased prior to an official approval via the Purchase Requisition adjudicative processes can be pursued and/or the individual/organization may be liable for all incurred costs. 
  3. BGSU Firelands is a tax-exempt entity. 
  4. All requests must follow BGSU and BGSU Firelands Cash Handling Procedures and Student and Campus Activities Budget Manual includes many prohibited expenditures listed but these are only a “sample” of prohibited expenditures.
  5. Receipts should be submitted to Student and Campus Activities after any purchases.
  1. All fund collections must be documented with the Fundraiser/Program Cash Check-Out Form.  To collect funds, at least two members of a student organizations should be present the entire time of the program and to complete the final cash count. 
  2. All financial transactions require the use of a university cash register (indicated by the student organization on the facilities requests) to itemize all transactions.  Contact OTSS via phone 419-372-0706 for inquiries of how to reserve a university register.
  3. No cash collected shall be expended for departmental/University activities or expenses; petty cash funds must be established for this purpose.
  4. All cash and checks collected by a departmental/University activity that has used or been supported by University resources must be deposited into a University account (also see Fundraising). University activities where cash and checks may be collected include: performances, competitions, merchandise sales, and social activities.
  5. All undeposited funds must be maintained in a locked cash box and when not in use shall be kept in a secure place, preferably a fireproof safe, to prevent loss. Funds are not to be taken home or stored at a private residence or in a motor vehicle.
  6. Immediately after the conclusion of all programs or activities where cash is handled, all cash must be secured in the Office of Budget and Operations. If the fundraiser is held during the evening hours, the Deputy Sheriff can secure funds. Please make arrangements with the Office of Budget and Operations in advance via 419.372.0685 to schedule an evening cash pick up.
  1. All income from fundraisers are to be immediately deposited into the Student Organizations’ Agency Account.  Complete the Fundraiser/Program Cash Check-Out form to submit along with the collected funds to Student and Campus Activities or the office of Budgets and Operations.
  2. Agency Account: Funds raised from fundraisers, gifts, membership dues are deposited into the agency account.  Unused funds in this account will continue/roll over year to year.
  3. To access Agency Account funding, a Purchase Request form must be submitted to Student and Campus Activities at least 30 days prior to the purchase for sufficient approval time.
  4. On-campus fundraisers can include:
    • Membership Fees
    • Bake sales (please refer to the Food Safety Policy)
    • Selling merchandise (crafts, flowers, doughnuts, candy, etc)
    • Selling services (car washes)
    • Rummage sales
    • Charging admission to events
    • Selling concessions at events
  5. All money collected from fundraisers or dues must be deposited directly into the Student Organizations Agency Account along with the Fundraiser/Program Cash Check-Out form.  Funds should ever be deposited into a personal banking account. Student Organizations are NOT ALLOWED to accept monies via Paypal, Square or other method which requires funds to flow through personal bank accounts.