Gymnasium Information

The gymnasium is for use by BGSU Firelands students, faculty, and staff ONLY.

  • It is open during school hours (usually 9-5). Please check the schedule on the Gym bulletin board the week after the semester begins. Occasionally, we have night hours.
  • A student aide must be on duty in the Gymnasium and there must be no classes in session for use of the weight room and the gym. Students are also allowed to use the weight room, but if students, faculty, and staff are lifting weights, they must have a "buddy" assisting.

Please stop in to see our equipment availability. Currently we have Incline benches, step machines, free weights, and bench. The pool table and the ping-pong tables are also part of the gymnasium equipment. Paddles, ping-pong balls, cue sticks, and chalk can be obtained from the gym aide on duty.

And all of this is free of charge!!