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Staying connected with your peers is just a click away!  Join us for some fantastic online activities and events by visiting our Virtual Engagement Page!

Student Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and supportive campus where students are able to successfully navigate and integrate their educational, cultural, and social identities into a dynamic collegiate experience.  We assist students in finding their community, discovering opportunities and experiences outside the classroom, and equip students to make a difference on campus and beyond.

BELONG: Whether it's in a class, at a campus event, or in a student organization meeting, we want students to authentically engage in our campus community. We create opportunities for students to practice vulnerability and engage in a culture of respect, empathy and civility. Student Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion acts as a catalyst for all students wishing to explore critical issues on campus related to social identities, social justice, and involvement.

STAND OUT: Your journey matters! We empower our students to think critically and engage in change making through competency building, leadership development opportunities, and involvement in campus organizations and events. Students connect curricular learning through their experiences and work across difference to positively impact our campus and greater community. Here, you can build your resume and your character!

GO FAR: Students who engage in our experiences are empowered to challenge the present and enrich the future. Are you ready to soar? Get connected with Student Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion and take flight! #FalconsFlyForever

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