Why BGSU Firelands

BGSU Firelands is a place nearby where you can begin your career in art.

It is one of the many colleges of Bowling Green State University. When you attend Firelands, you are part of BGSU.

BGSU Firelands is a commuter college. You do not have the expense of living on campus. You can work and live at home, saving money.

All courses taken at BGSU Firelands easily transfer to the main campus and most other colleges and universities across the nation.

There is open enrollment and no initial portfolio review.

Classes are small with personalized attention.

Going to BGSU Firelands for the first year is much less expensive than an art school or a small liberal arts college.

At BGSU Firelands you can begin work on a second major or minor while you are starting your art courses.

If you are considering a career in art, BGSU Firelands offers the beginning courses, the first year program which can launch you into your area of interest.

After you begin your program in art at BGSU Firelands you can transfer to the main campus or another college or university and complete your education in a specific field or media.