History of CCYT

CCYT productions are presented year by year. Have fun! Be sure to tell your friends about the Caryl Crane Youth Theatre and show them this site!

  • The Mickey Mouse Club Christmas, December 2016
  • James and the Giant Peach, September 2016
  • Godspell (Camp CCYT), July 2016
  • The Merry Murders of Mayberry Academy (World Premiere), May 2016
  • Meet Me In St. Louis (A co-production with Firelands College Theatre), April 2016
  • Cinderella, February 2016
  • The Mickey Mouse Club Christmas, December 2015
  • Disney's Mary Poppins, September 2015
  • Beauty and the Beast (Camp CCYT), July 2015
  • Ronald M. Ruble New Play Festival, May 2015
  • Shrek, April 2015
  • Mame, February 2015
  • I'm Dreaming of a Broadway Christmas, December 2014
  • Seussical, The Musical, September 2014
  • Once On This Island, May 2014
  • Ronald M. Ruble New Play Festival, May 2014
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, February 2014
  • I'm Dreaming of a Broadway Christmas, December 2013
  • Disney's Camp Rock, September 2013
  • Aladdin, September 2013
  • Ronald M. Ruble New Play Festival, May 2013
  • Princess K.I.M. (World Premiere), April 2013
  • Annie, February 2013
  • I'm Dreaming of a Broadway Christmas, December 2012
  • The Little Mermaid, September 2012
  • Ronald M. Ruble New Play Festival, May 2012
  • Hairspray, March 2012
  • Jennifer the Unspecial, December 2011
  • Peter And Wendy, September 2011
  • Ronald M. Ruble New Play Festival, May 2011
  • Children's Letters to God, March 2011
  • I'm Dreaming of a Broadway Christmas, December 2010
  • Hood: A Robin Good Tale, September 2010
  • RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY, September 2009
  • THE WIZARD OF OZ, September 2008
  • STUART LITTLE, March 2008
  • ALICE IN WONDERLAND, September 2007
  • WINNIE-THE-POOH, September 2006
  • CHARLOTTE'S WEB , March 2006
  • TOM SAWYER, September 2004
  • THE SNOW QUEEN, March 2004
  • THE ICE WOLF, August 2003
  • PINOCCHIO, March 2003
  • GOLLIWHOPPERS, March 2002
  • MY FATHER'S FATHER, September 2001
  • YANKEE DOODLE, March 2001
  • MY FATHER'S FATHER, December, 2000
  • SNOOPY, November, 2000
  • YANKEE DOODLE, July, 2000
  • SING OUT SWEET LAND, November, 1999
  • RAGGEDY ANN AND ANDY, March, 1999
  • THE LION WHO WOULDN'T, April, 1998
  • YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN, November, 1997
  • TENDER TIMES, April, 1997
  • CHARLOTTE'S WEB, November, 1996
  • THE GOLDEN GOOSE , April, 1995
  • SLEEPING BEAUTY, April, 1994
  • HANSEL AND GRETEL, April, 1993
  • SNOW WHITE, April, 1992
  • PIED PIPER, April, 1990
  • SHOWOFF (a workshop presentation), June, 1988
  • MOTLEY TALES, June, 1986

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"The Caryl Crane Children's Theatre has been a dream of mine for years. I want to have it open to children, ages 10 through 18, who live in this area."
- Caryl Crane, Founder

Dr. Ronald M. Ruble and Miss Caryl Crane

"We are interested in doing good children's theatre, and in providing a valid learning experience.
Therefore, we prefer children who want to learn about the discipline and skills of the art of performing first, and who want to have fun second"
Dr. Ronald M. Ruble, Artistic Director (1991 - 2009)

Miss Caryl Crane: A Visionary 
(1908 - 1999) 
by Ronald M. Ruble

All her life, Caryl Crane dared to dream of wonderful things to come.  Never one to sit around and hope someone else might come up with the idea, she got the idea then did it.  She filled her ninety-one years of life with challenges and accomplishments that touched the hearts of so many people.

She received a music degree at University of Michigan, an education degree at Ohio State, taught music at Lorain School, sang at Severance Hall with Met Opera stars, sang professionally in New York, returned to the Lorain/Sandusky area to begin a career in women's fashions, and became a co-founder of Harlequins Community Theater. She founded a children's theater program in her name to fulfill a life long dream, and initiated the Caryl Crane Performing Arts Scholarship program to enable Firelands college students to work toward their degrees.

At the center of her quest was always a steadfast belief in the worth and value of the human being; with special focus on children  For Caryl, the slogan "Children Are Our Future," wasn't a hollow proclamation...it was real.  She was dedicated to giving children the opportunity to explore and discover who they are through theater and performance. 

I have a heart filled with loving memories of my dear friend Caryl Crane.  She cannot be replaced.  So, we have to learn to live with the memories we have of her. 

I'm so glad that hearts are albums...filled with pictures of yesterday.  Aren't you?

We Miss You, Caryl

"The Caryl Crane Children's Theatre is a wonderful part of all that we do here at BGSU Firelands. We are truly a college of the community. Dr. Ruble is an excellent example of a faculty member who knows and understands the importance of community outreach. His students, both younger and older, are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him in order to learn the art and craft of the theatre."

Dr. James M. Smith, Former Dean - BGSU Firelands

“I’ve learned a lot about performing and about different cultures by being in these plays. I love working with Dr. Ruble because he does theatre best”

(Alex Grant – 14)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -2005

“A great program! This is a wonderful opportunity for both children and adults. I enjoy being on stage with people of varying ages.”

(Dawn Franklin – parent)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - 2005

"I am so glad I found out about the Caryl Children's Theatre. I am grateful for having been in the program. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me"

(Brittany Pfeil - 15)
My Fathers Father- 2000

“Jesse’s learning so much in this program. Dr. Ruble’s passion for teaching and the theatre is wonderful!”

(Delma Miedema - parent) 
Tales from Hans Christian Adersen - 2004

“The best part about being in the Caryl Crane Theatre was meeting interesting people and making so many new friends. It was so much fun!”

(Kate Carabin – 12)
Pinocchio- 2003

"CCCT is the perfect place to be. Every person gets special attention. Dr. Ruble and the crew are great teachers. They made sure we had fun while we worked hard to make the show the best it could be."

(Luke Widman - 13)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - 2005

“Dr. Ruble nurtures and develops the talent 
in each child, instilling in each child the desire to be the best and most professional actor
they can be!”

(Betsy Naveaux – parent)
Tales from Hans Christian Andersen - 2004

“I love being in this program. I have learned a lot about performing and about working with others. Dr. Ruble and Jann Glann are terrific directors and teachers.”

(Nate Huntley – 13)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - 2005

What does theatre mean to you? How has it affected your life? Your expressions of poetry could be here! All you have to do is send it as an attachment to rubler@bgsu.edu.

Your work will be reviewed and considered for publication on this site. So tell your friends, and be among the many who we hope will become a part of this exciting new aspect of the Caryl Crane Youth Theatre web site!


Always the disciplinarian, she serves up
 great lessons to her students.
  She is moody; at times depressing, sorrowful,
 hateful, melodic, wistful, evocative,
 provocative, angry, and fearful...
 but always enlightening.
 She is also funny with farce,
 romance, and wit among her bountiful charms.
 She can exude a radiant energy,
 capable of holding you with the gentleness
 of a mother's love for her child,
 or she can spark fire and slap your face
 with a stinging caress admonishing you
 for lacking in attention, knowledge, and patience.
 Always ritualistic, immediate, and transitory...
  she invigorates my mind and body
 like no other art form.
 She has a seductive nature.
 Like the brightly colored butterfly;
 goddess of love;
 her spirit and Grecian beauty overwhelmed me.
 I hope she will tuck me in tight
 our last night together;
 kiss my forehead.
 Reach to me with her elegance, so
 I can follow her into the horizon.

 By Ronald M. Ruble
 Copyright 2-24-2000

"Oh! Say, can you see, by the dawn's early light,"
all the diversity of our heritage, both great and small?
Energy is in the air as audiences take their seats and Drummer
assembles icons of the stars and stripes U.S.A.
Lights dim as the music of our history ushers in
spectacle, celebration, entertainment, poignancy, and tribute.

Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Blackwell, Will Diamond,
Ben Franklin, and Patrick Henry have their say!
Amelia Bloomer, Daniel Boone, Robert Fulton,
Paul Revere, and Thomas Jefferson tell how they helped to pave the way!
Johnny Appleseed, Esther Howland, Indian Chief, Edwin James,
Abraham Swartwout, and Booker T. Washington share how they enlightened the day!
Uncle Sam steps forward to proclaim, "I want You! I want You! And, I want You!"

We are witness to patriotism with "The Star Spangled Banner;"
spectacle in "Meet Me In St. Louis;" celebration with the "Maple Leaf Rag;"
relaxation in "Good Old Summertime," and "Take Me Out To The Ballgame;"
and tenderness, sorrow, loss...haunting horror weeps to us from "Shenandoah."

Lewis & Clark give us the spirit of adventure; Thomas Alva Edison that of invention;
the Revolutionary and Civil Wars the wounds of conflict;
East meets West reminds us of expansion; and Cobb, Sullivan,
Murphy, Zaharias, Thorp, and the mighty Casey of the legends of sport.

Clagg, Foreman, Gfell, Gilmore, Hoffman, McVeagh, Musser, Mygrant,
Rogers, and Ruble embrace the spirit of collaboration;
all are kindred spirits of the art of performing.
Artists, choreographers, directors, musicians, performers, technicians
sit at the banquet table of theatre.
We take nourishment, one from the other.
We cherish the fellowship, skills, talents, and energies of each.
We are Yankee Doodles, every one!

    by Ronald M. Ruble

Copyright 7-1-2000

Caryl Crane created a program
Just for kids, Just like me
Though I did not meet her
I wish that she could see
What beautiful things she's done
For the kids she met
and for the kids she didn't
they saw the grace she set
Her legacy will follow them
from now until they die
her mind will wrap around them
and her spirit will always fly
On opening night we think of her
And she will think of us
we stop for a few brief moments
from all the confusion and the fuss
We bow our heads in remembrance
and in the hopes that tonight
she'll help us do our best
and flood the stage with her light
She is a bright gleaming spirit
still very much alive
her soul
her faith
her dream....
Will proudly and always survive.

By Julie Berry
Copyright 5-30-2001

I have thoughts of a person.......... 
This person everyone talks about......... 
I wish I could have met this so talked about person............. 
I have seen pictures of this person.......... 
I feel like I have met this person.......... 
In a dream.......... 
In a day dream.......... 
I saw this person and waved.......... 
This person waved back.......... 
I feel like I hugged this person.......... 
I feel like I'm friends with this person.......... 
I feel like I love this person.......... 
I feel like I am this person.......... 
But it's a lovely lady I never had the thrill of meeting. 

Dedicated to Caryl Crane 
May she always be in our hearts, minds, and dreams..........

By Julie Berry (age 10) 
Copyright 3-4-2000

We’ve all been told...there’s a time for everything

A time for being with others,
     experiencing joy...celebration.

And being alone,
     experiencing loneliness...solitude.

Often, such times are the best times on earth...
     they are...the tender times....

And it’s only the where and when that counts.

I am free to play, sing, rejoice, or cry...
     to pen my thoughts!

Because... the why comes later....

Copyright 1-25-1970
By Ronald M. Ruble

Within the simple, lies the silly.

Within the silly, lies the sublime.

Within the sublime, lies a hint of reality.

Within reality, lies a thread of discomfort.

When discomforted, we raise our guards.

Then we laugh, to keep from imploding!

By Ronald M. Ruble
Copyright 10-12-2001

Spring floats in,
Warm and sunny,
Birds chirping,
Bees making honey.

Flowers come,
Popping in,
Little baby chicks,
With their mother hen.

Fish swimming,
In the cool, dark lakes,
Many sweet berries,
Some you can take.

Warm rain comes down,
To feed the plants,
Lots of animals,
And small ones - like ants.

Spring comes in,
Sweet and lively,
And before we realize it,
Summer is on the way,
Hot and sweaty,
Very soon.

by Jesse Meidema
Age 13 Copyright 2004

Summer time is in the air,
summer time makes all people flare.
From all of the fireworks on the fourth of July,
and my mother's sweet blueberry pie.
Going outside is fun with the hose,
you put on sun screen, even your nose.
The sun is so hot, fiery, and red,
it's so hot I can't go to sleep in my bed.
I just sit around and try to stay cool,
some times I have to go in the pool.
I hate when I get burned though,
every time it happens I have to move slow.
Sports start up in the fall,
it is hard, hot, and tiring for all.
So before this summer is through,
think about what you could do.
Have a good time outside with friends,
before this summer ends.


By Nate Huntley 
Age 14 - Copyright 2005

Theatre is a world that sets the soul aflame,
With all of its bits and pieces it's somewhat like a game.
When the audience is seated and the curtains open wide,
We step onto this theatre stage and the game comes alive.
There are characters that set out to achieve a common goal,
To give the best performances that they feel they know.
It's an exhilarating game to be in or be seen,
A chance to leave this life and be a mother, maid, or queen.
The audience's reactions say you've won this game of fun,
And you get your final pride when the curtain call is done.


By Kailee Kleinschmidt 
Age 15 – Copyright 2005