Student Orientation, Advising & Registration


Welcome to the Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration Information Center

Welcome to BGSU Firelands! We are proud to say that we have the greatest educational opportunities available in Northcentral Ohio and are pleased to be Bowling Green State University's premier regional college, located in Huron, Ohio.

Our goal is to provide a great education at a great price. Despite a difficult state budget, BGSU Firelands has consistently kept tuition increases at percentage rates in the single digits.

BGSU Firelands offers 16 associate degrees, representing 23 areas of study.

Nine Bowling Green State University bachelor's degrees are now available at BGSU Firelands. These baccalaureate degrees are available through creative partnerships with undergraduate colleges at the main campus. Additionally, students can pursue two master's degrees right here in Huron, thanks to partnerships with the BGSU College of Education and Human Development and the University Medical Center at the University of Toledo.

BGSU Firelands provides the academic and cultural opportunities of a major state university in a small, personal environment right in your own backyard

The advantages of the educational opportunities at BGSU Firelands include:

  • strong and committed faculty
  • small class size
  • low student-to-faculty ratio
  • excellent and caring support staff
  • exceptional academic support services

Since BGSU Firelands opened its doors on September 25, 1968, the faculty and staff have worked very hard to provide the types of training programs and educational offerings designed to meet the higher education, continuing education and job training needs of our students and local residents. These opportunities can be found through the Office for Educational Outreach , through our associate degree and BGSU bachelor's degree programs , through various transfer programs, and through available BGSU and University of Toledo master's degrees.

BGSU Firelands espouses the Core Values of Bowling Green State University. As such, our campus is a place that cherishes the notions of honesty, fairness, responsibility, respect, and compassion .

We are a college community that believes strongly in celebrating the fact that our campus is indeed your campus. As a collective group, we work tirelessly to assist our students to meet their individual collegiate goals, semester after semester after semester.

Therefore, you are encouraged to explore all that BGSU Firelands has to offer. On behalf of our faculty and staff and the entire undergraduate and graduate student body, we hope that you will consider BGSU Firelands to be an integral part of your gateway to a new, different, and incredibly productive future.