Early Alerts

Early Alerts are used to help us reach students who are struggling academically early enough in the semester to help them find the resources they need to be successful in college.  Faculty and advisors can submit an alert because of poor attendance, missing assignments, poor class participation, low quiz/ test scores, unsatisfactory academic performance, and/or inadequate homework or assignments.  Early alerts do not directly affect grades and are not placed on students’ transcripts.

If you’ve received an Early Alert, read the Alert email carefully. Check to see if your instructor has added any comments to the Alert. Follow the instructions. Talk to the instructor who raised the alert. Instructor office hours are a great opportunity to have this conversation. After you speak with your instructor, you might find it beneficial to consult with your academic advisor for follow up discussions. One of the most common mistakes students make is not asking for help. Even the most successful students access academic support services.

The Alert is resolved when you take action to remediate the issues that were raised. Common action steps include visiting the Teaching and Learning Center for tutoring, developing plans to study more often and more efficiently, creating and using an effective note-taking strategy, adopting time management and organization strategies, and making the commitment to become a more engaged, active learner.

Updated: 04/22/2022 12:27PM