Advising & Scheduling Tools

Advising Information

  • Your DARS report is available for your viewing on MyBGSU.
  • Your DARS report will show the required courses you need for your particular degree program or major.
  • Use your DARS report to help you plan which courses to take each semester.
  • If you notice any discrepancies in your DARS report, be sure to contact the Student Services office (129 West Building) as soon as possible.


Schedule Planning

  • Get a copy of your Degree Audit Report (DARS) online through MyBGSU . Remember that your DARS report tells you what courses are required for your particular degree program and/or major. Each section of the report tells you what courses can/must be taken in order to fulfill degree requirements.
  • Refer to the online Schedule of Classes. Click here for ethe latest version
  • Plan which courses you will take by using the handy schedule planner. This tool will help you plot out your courses. You should make sure that courses don't overlap and that you have marked out times for work, family obligations, etc.
  • Courses can be scheduled back to back. But, also remember that time between classes is a good time to study and to get other work done on campus.
  • As you plan your schedule, be sure to think about how many hours you'll need to spend on each class each week. Remember that you'll need at least two hours of study time for each hour you're in class each week.
  • Check online in MyBGSU to make sure the classes you want are still open and available to you.


  • A recent ACT score or a COMPASS test score will be used to determine your placement in English, reading, and mathematics. If you are a transfer student, placement will depend on what you may have taken at your previous college.
  • If you're not happy with your placement in English, reading, or mathematics, you may take (or retake) the COMPASS test once to try to get a better placement. To make an appointment to take the COMPASS test, contact the Office of Academic & Student Services (129 West Building) at (419) 372-0886.
  • It is suggested that you make every effort to take your initial English, reading, and mathematics courses during your first semester at BGSU. However, depending on when you actually register for courses, some of these may not be available because they are filled. If that happens, plan to take them in your second semester


  • Make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor through the Office of Academic & Student Services (129 West Building). We ask that you make your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
  • On the day of your appointment, bring a photo ID (your BGSU ID or your driver's license) to the Office of Academic & Student Services and pick up your advising file. Advising files are not given out without proper identification! (Please note that some advisors prefer to pick up advising files personally before they meet with advisees.)
  • Be careful with your advising file as it contains valuable information that allows your advisor to do the best job possible in advising you.
  • Go to your advisor's office at the scheduled time and give him/her your advising file. Please be on time to meet your advisor! If you cannot make the scheduled day/time to meet your advisor, please contact your advisor or the Office of Academic & Student Services.
  • Take some time to discuss with your advisor the courses you plan to take, as well as your future academic plans.
  • Remember that your advisor is the expert in your major field of study. Be sure to ask what questions you may have, especially if you are not familiar with course content, course prerequisites, or course sequencing.
  • Also remember that you alone bear all responsibility for meeting your graduation requirements. Thus, meeting with an advisor is always strongly recommended even if you've been here for many years.


Before You Begin the Registration Process

If you've not taken the ACT within the last year or do not have transfer credit for English and mathematics from another college, you will be required to complete COMPASS placement testing. Remember that if you're not happy with your placement in English, reading, or mathematics, you may repeat the COMPASS test once to try to get a better placement.


You must have an active BGSU email account to register for courses. If you have not already set-up your account online, you can do so in the Computer Lab on the second floor of the North Building.


Web Registration Instructions

Any student who has a valid BGSU e-mail account may register for classes on the web using MYBGSU. For full listings of registration system hours and dates of availability, click HERE.

When the BGSU email account is obtained, the student can register on the web using MYBGSU, Student Services Center

If you wish, you can go to the Computer Lab on the second floor of the North Building where the friendly staff can help you establish your BGSU email account. Be sure to bring your temporary or permanent BGSU ID with you.