Registration & Records

The Office of Registration and Records is responsible for each student's class registration and is the official source of information for the academic record.

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Application for Readmission

If you are a male student and an Ohio resident who will be 18 years of age on or before the first official day of the term, state law requires you to register with the Selective Service in order to be considered as in-state residents for fee purposes. Failure to comply with this requirement results in an additional fee assessment equivalent to the out-of-state surcharge until you have complied with the Selective Service registration requirement. If you have not yet registered with the Selective Service you may do so on the Internet at the following address:

BGSU Firelands offers several enrollment options:

• Students interested in applying for formal admission should stop by the Office of Admission, Room 103 of Foundation Hall or call (419) 433-5560 OR (800) 322-4787 for an application and answers to any questions relative to the application process.

Guest students are not eligible to receive financial aid from this institution. However, if you are attending another college and are receiving aid at that institution, you may be eligible to receive aid from that institution while attending classes here. Please see your home institution's financial aid office for further details.

• Guest students may attempt no more than 16 credit hours of course work under this classification.

• Guest students may register for undergraduate courses only and are required to apply for this enrollment status each term.

• Guest student enrollment is not to be used by students who have been denied or refused formal admission to the University. Such a student must contact the Office of Admission to receive permission to register as a guest student. A guest student's registration will be withdrawn if it is discovered subsequently.

All guest applications should be completed online.

• There is no application fee for guest students.

• Guest degree holders are not limited to the number of courses which may be taken at the University, but may register for undergraduate courses only.

• To enroll as a guest degree holder, BGSU requires official confirmation from the appropriate institution of the highest degree received.

• Applications to enroll as a guest degree holder may be obtained from the Office of Registration, Room 135 of the West Building.

• There is no application fee for guest degree holders.

• Students are not limited to the number of graduate or undergraduate courses which may be taken at the University. However, for those students enrolling in graduate classes, only nine graduate hours will transfer to a graduate degree program.

• Graduate non-degree students enrolling in graduate level classes (500 level course numbers and above) will be charged graduate fees. If a student enrolls in undergraduate level classes (400 level course numbers and below) they will be charged undergraduate fees as long as they enroll in 10 or fewer hours. Graduate fees will be charged to graduate non-degree students who enroll for 11 or more undergraduate hours. Students who enroll in a combination of graduate and undergraduate classes will be charged a combination of graduate and undergraduate fees.

• Applications to enroll as a graduate non-degree student may be obtained from the Office of Registration on main campus in Room 110 Administration Building or by clicking here.

• There is no application fee for graduate non-degree student status.

BGSU Firelands 2018 Summer Sessions Dates

** Schedule of Classes available on the web on January 19, 2018

** Registration for Summer 2018 begins February 12, 2018  **

Regular Academic Session (05/14/18 - 08/03/18) code - 1

Last day to add 05/16/18
Last day to drop 07/18/18

3 Week Fast Track Session (05/14/18 - 06/01/18) code - 3W 

Last day to add 05/16/18
Last day to drop 05/16/18

6 Week First Session (05/14/18 - 06/22/18) code - 6W1

Last day to add 05/16/18
Last day to drop 05/18/18

6 Week Second Session (06/25/18 - 08/03/18) code - 6W2

Last day to add 06/27/18
Last day to drop 06/29/18

8 Week Summer Session (06/11/18 – 08/03/18 code - 8WS

Last day to add 06/13/18
Last day to drop 06/115/18

Please use these session dates to determine the session code for each class.

  • A class cannot begin before the session start date.
  • If the class falls outside these dates, use the session closest to the class begin date.
  • When trying to determine sessions, review the "last day to add and drop" dates.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to make adjustments in fees or charges when deemed necessary.

NOTE: These fees are applicable only to Certificate Programs and Associate Degree Programs, as well as to the following list of Baccalaureate Degrees which are offered at BGSU Firelands.  While students may take all the courses required for these degrees from BGSU Firelands, the final degree is conferred upon graduation by a College on the BGSU Campus.

Undergraduate Firelands Campus

Credit hours Instructional Fee General Fee Total Fees Ohio Resident Non Resident Fee Total Fees Non Resident
1 196.10 9.35 205.45 305.00 510.45
2 392.20 18.70 410.90 610.00 1,020.90
3 588.30 28.05 616.35 915.00 1,531.35
4 784.40 37.40 821.80 1,220.00 2,041.80
5 980.50 46.75 1,027.25 1,525.00 2,552.25
6 1,176.60 56.10 1,232.70 1,830.00 3,062.70
7 1,372.70 65.45 1,438.15 2,135.00 3,573.15
8 1,568.80 74.80 1,643.60 2,440.00 4,083.60
9 1,764.90 84.15 1,849.05 2,745.00 4,594.05
10 1,961.00 93.50 2,054.50 3,050.00 5,104.50
11 2,157.10 102.85 2,259.95 3,355.00 5,614.95
12-18 2,353.20 112.20 2,465.40 3,654.00 6,119.40


The following Four Year programs at Firelands are also billed at the undergraduate Firelands rate:

Bachelor of Liberal Studies

Bachelor of Science in:

  • Applied Health Science, Allied Health Track
  • Applied Health Science, Respiratory Care Specialization
  • Business Administration, General Business/Individualized Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education, Early Childhood Education
  • Nursing (RN/BSN Completion of Program in consortium with University of Toledo Health Science Campus)
  • Social Work
  • Technology, Visual Communication Technology

Please note that only one registration fee is charged per term regardless of the hours you are registered.