Natural & Social Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Natural and Social Sciences at Bowling Green State University - Firelands College. The Department is comprised of faculty from the disciplines of the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Mathematics.


In addition to the goals set forth in the Firelands College Governance Document and the Bowling Green State University Academic Charter, the Department of Natural and Social Sciences has these specific goals:

  • To provide courses of instruction which are academically challenging and rewarding for Firelands College students and which articulate both in objectives and in credit hours with the Bowling Green State University curriculum.
  • To provide a program of courses which will offer Firelands College students at least two (2) years of a prebaccalaureate program in the disciplines of the department. Scheduling of the individual disciplines will be planned so as to provide, as nearly as possible, one-half of the courses for the major.
  • To provide a program of courses which will offer Firelands College students the Associate of Arts, Associate of Applied Science, and Associate of Science degrees in two (2) years, and to generate and maintain appropriate Associate degree programs.
  • To offer service and enrichment courses for students in non-departmental programs and for non-degree students.
  • To aid students in special academic endeavors by actively supporting independent and interdisciplinary offerings.
  • To establish and maintain for each academic area, library holdings, classroom resources, and laboratory facilities adequate to support student research and courses offered through the department.
  • To encourage professional growth among department members and to support means by which research efforts, teaching excellence, and personal development are promoted.
  • To serve the University, College, and local community in ways which utilize personal and professional strengths and expertise of the members of the department.
Majors & Programs

Majors & Programs

Stephanie Walls

Dr. Stephanie Walls

Position: Associate Professor of Political Science
Department Chair
Phone: 419.372.0636
Address: 316A George Mylander Hall

Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Dilum De Silva

Dr. Dilum De Silva

Position: Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 419.372.0679
Address: 326F George Mylander Hall

Julie Didelot

Ms. Julie Didelot

Position: Teaching Professor of Sociology
Phone: 419.372.0603
Address: 311B George Mylander Hall

Chris Fluckinger

Dr. Chris D. Fluckinger

Position: Associate Teaching Professor of Psychology
Phone: 419.372.0656
Address: 320A George Mylander Hall

Ph.D., The University of Akron

No Photo Available

Dr. Tasha Ford

Position: Assistant Clinical Professor, Social Work
Phone: 419.372.0938
Address: 320F George Mylander Hall

Christine Genovese

Dr. Christine Genovese

Position: Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 419.372.0674
Address: 300C George Mylander Hall

William Huepenbecker

Mr. William Huepenbecker

Position: Senior Lecturer of Mathematics
Phone: 419.372.0856
Address: 318A George Mylander Hall

Tim Jurkovac

Dr. Timothy Jurkovac

Position: Associate Professor of Sociology
Phone: 419.372.0661
Address: 305 George Mylander Hall

No photo available

Dr. Michael Kimaid

Position: Professor of History
Phone: 419.372.0790
Address: 307 George Mylander Hall


Ms. Tracy McGinley

Position: Lecturer of Criminal Justice
Phone: 419.372.0692
Address: 300A George Mylander Hall

Jaclyn Mclean

Ms. Jaclyn Mclean

Position: Instructor of Biology
Phone: 419.372.0933
Address: 316C George Mylander Hall


Mr. Bruce Mollison

Position: Laboratory Technician
Phone: 419.372.0660
Address: 312B George Mylander Hall

Chris Mruk

Dr. Christopher Mruk

Position: Professor of Psychology
Phone: 419.372.0612
Address: 303 George Mylander Hall

Subhalakshmi Nagarajan

Dr. Subhalakshmi Nagarajan

Position: Instructor of Chemistry
Phone: 419.372.0646
Address: 320B George Mylander Hall


Dr. Tatiana Panas

Position: Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone: 419.372.0707
Address: 300B George Mylander Hall


No Photo Available

Cameron Tanna

Position: Senior Laboratory Technician
Phone: 419.372.0658
Address: 251 North

Ram Veerapanei

Dr. Ram Veerapaneni

Position: Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 419.372.0934
Address: 316D George Mylander Hall

Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

Alyson Wilson

Ms. Alyson K. Wilson

Position: Senior Lecturer of Mathematics
Phone: 419.372.0675
Address: 316K George Mylander Hall