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Program Description

In order to give Ohio high school students the opportunity to pursue higher education and reduce the cost of doing so, the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio Board of Regents and the Ohio legislature have worked together and created the College Credit Plus program. This program will combine the previous Post Secondary Enrollment Option and Dual Enrollment programs and will include Tech Prep.

BGSU Firelands College Credit Plus program gives college-bound high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously. This gives students the advantage of starting the transition to college early, while reducing the cost and length of time to receive a degree. They will have already received on-transcript college credit. 

Recommended courses include 1000-2000 level BG Perspective (General Education) courses in Natural and Social Sciences, and Humanities along with General Studies Writing and Math.  These courses are listed in the BGSU catalog and are available to CCP students at scheduled class times on campus and some are also available online or through web-based delivery.  Some high schools may also offer these courses on the high school campus.  The BGSU catalog can be found at www.bgsu.edu/catalog.html

Courses you are permitted to take
  • Ohio legislation requires students complete 15 credit hours of Level 1 courses before continuing to Level 2 courses. Further description of allowable courses can be found out Course Eligibility.
  • BGSU courses found on the Ohio Transfer Model and CTAG are approved Level 1 courses: https://reports-cems.transfercredit.ohio.gov/pg_1
  • Many CCP students enroll in BG Perspective, or general education, classes (as long as pre-requisites have been met) to complete the 15 hours of Level 1 course work. Exceptions may be made outside of the BG Perspectives and OTM approved courses is a class is fulfilling a 15 hour pathway or 30 hour pathway established by the high school
  • CCP students may take classes that are open, provided all course prerequisites are met. 
  • Students interested in Music Performance should contact the Coordinator of Music Admissions at 419-372-8577 for information about auditions and placement.
Courses you are not permitted to take
  • You cannot take remedial classes.
  • Certain courses are reserved for specific student populations; these are identified by including a letter at the end of the course number (example; SOC 1010A or SOC 1010H).
  • Sectarian religion courses
  • Physical Education courses
  • Study Abroad
  • Individual Music Lessons

To maximize accessibility, convenience and scheduling flexibility, courses can be taken three different ways.

  • On Campus: Class is taken on BGSU Firelands Campus or on-line/web-based (formerly PSEOP)
  • Dual Enrollment:
    • Class is offered on High School Campus using qualified high school teacher to deliver/facilitate the course
    • 100% Online/Web-based - Synchronous at approved high school sites (Set time and day during high school schedule using high school teacher as facilitator)
  • Tech Prep: Prescribed college courses taken at EHOVE or Sandusky High School
  • Self Pay: Student can enroll in summer course and count the class for high school credit.
  • There is no cost to the student or families for course and instructional materials
  • All students are assigned an Academic Advisor who has the responsibility to ensure that the student has someone with whom they can meet and confer to receive guidance regarding career counseling, scheduling, advising, and college degree pathway requirements.
  • All College Credit Plus students are considered BGSU guest students and have access to many benefits and student support services such as campus programs, free tutoring and library services.
  • Credits earned can be applied toward an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. 
  • All students have access to their instructors via email; or telephone and in-person during posted scheduled office hours 
  • Applicants must submit a copy of the high school transcript (guidance counselor usually sends it to the college access office)
  • Applicants must take and score college-ready on a placement test administered by the college or submit most recent ACT scores (they may also be listed on the high school transcript).  ACT scores are then used to determine if student is college-ready.
  • Applicants must pass all end of course exams administered by the high school.


  • Students applying for the fall term should apply by the Friday of the national tax deadline closest to April 15.  Those applying for the spring term should apply by Friday following Veteran’s Day.
  • Students will schedule their placement testing on their own by calling 419-433-5560 X20766 (8AM-Noon) or X20841 (Noon-5PM)  Placement testing should be done by mid- April for fall and late November for spring.
  • Students will be notified of acceptance by late April/early May for fall and mid- December for spring.
  • Students will use instructions sent in acceptance letters to create their BGSU account that will be used for registering classes.
  • Students will also be informed in the acceptance letter about orientation meeting requirements.
  • Students will make advising appointments to register for classes on-campus or guidance counselor will send list of students to be registered for courses held at satellite high school sites by late May/early June.
  • Tech Prep registrations will be done by program and students will be registered by mid-June by BGSU Firelands staff.
  • Students will be responsible for checking e-mail and logging onto their MyBGSU account during the break period to check for important announcements or updates.