Communication Services


The Office of Technology Support Services is responsible for all communications and networking systems on the BGSU Firelands campus. These include:

  • The College's connection to the BGSU Computer Networks
  • The 802.11 Wireless LAN Access and Authentication Systems on the BGSU Firelands Campus
  • Access to and accounts on the BGSU Administrative Information Systems
  • Setup and Administration of the BGSU Telephone Services extensions and equipment on the BGSU Firelands Campus

Network Services

All BGSU Firelands equipment connected to the BGSU Network must be registered through the Office of Technology Support Services. Any problems with network connectivity, relocation of BGSU Firelands computer equipment, or reconfiguration of network settings must be performed by an OTSS employee. Work requests can be filed with OTSS over the phone at extension 20626 (on campus) / 20743 (off campus) or by stopping by our offices at 231 North and completing a Work Request Form.

Telephone Services

The Office of Technology Support Services is responsible for the connection, configuration and support of all Telephone equipment on the BGSU Firelands campus. This includes the maintenance of the BGSU Firelands Switchboard, the AUDIX voicemail system, as well as any facsimile connections available on campus. All equipment for the BGSU Telephone system is provided by our office, at no time should you connect your own equipment to the BGSU Telephone system. Temporary telephone service requests, changes to the information displayed by the BGSU Telephone System Phones, Voicemail Assistance as well as any unit relocations, moving of BGSU Telephone equipment, activation or installation of new communications lines must be filed with OTSS. Work Request Forms are available in our office.

Telephone Directory Information

Your telephone data is available in both the BGSU Telephone Book and in the Directory Search functions available online and included with email clients.

For students who need to correct their data, see instructions for Changing Incorrect Student Data in a BGSU Directory Search. For the BGSU Telephone Book, the only addition to that process is that the Office of Registration & Records collects off-campus student addresses during the first few days of the Fall semester.

For faculty and staff who need to correct their data should contact the Office of Technology Support Services and complete a Work Request regarding the change.

For the BGSU Telephone Book data, there are two University-wide updates per year. One is done just before the phone book is printed in the fall and the other is done at the beginning of spring semester.

BGSU Firelands Wireless Network

Students Faculty and Staff my register their personal computer on the BGSU Wireless Network by inputting their BGSU Username and Password when prompted by the Wireless Authentication Server. This process registers your computer with the wireless network for a period of 12 hours, after which you will need to re-authenticate your computer to continue using the network. Short-Term access, for the purposes of training, seminars, and conferences can be provided by notifying the Office of Technology Support Services at least seven working days prior to the event. Using a Work Request Form, you will need to provide the OTSS Staff with the number of guest accounts required, the duration of the access you are requesting, and a description of the event. Our office will then generate a series of guest accounts and provide you with a printed list of Usernames and Passwords for your event.

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