Off-Campus Learning

A Variety of Off-Campus Options 

In addition to courses at the Huron campus, BGSU Firelands maintains a variety of off-campus locations where students can take courses.  Offered for student convenience at various locations throughout the service area, these courses provide the same caliber of experienced and engaged faculty as main campus, but reduce the amount of travel that may be needed.  Courses are currently offered at three off-campus locations: Sandusky High School, Norwalk High School, and Firelands Regional Medical Center.

For information regarding any of these locations, please contact BGSU Firelands Office of Registration or via phone at 419.433.5560

Sandusky High School

2130 Hayes Ave.
Sandusky, OH 419.621.2744

(map / directions)

Fall 2013 Courses at Sandusky High School
SubjectCatalog #ClassCreditsStart TimeEnd TimeDay
ACEN1000Col Read/Learn Skill35:30 PM6:50 PMTUE THUR
ACEN1210Transition Course17:00 PM7:50 PMTUE
BA1500Overview Business Adm37:00 PM9:50 PMW
CRJU2100Intro Criminal Justice35:30 PM6:50 PMM W
FN2070Intro to Human Nutrition36:00 PM8:50 PMTUE
GSW1110Intro to Academic Writing35:30 PM8:20 PMM
MATH  90Elementary Algebra35:30 PM6:50 PMTUE THU
MATH  95Intermediate Algebra37:00 PM8:20 PMTUE THU
MATH1150Intro To Statistics I35:30 PM6:50 PMTUE THU




Norwalk High School

350 Shady Lane Dr.
Norwalk, OH 419.660.6500
(map / directions)

Fall 2013 Courses at Norwalk High School
SubjectCatalog #ClassCreditsStart TimeEnd TimeDay
GSW1110Intro to Academic Writing35:30 PM8:20 PMW
MATH90Elementary Algebra37:00 PM8:20 PMM W
MATH95Intermediate Algebra35:30 PM6:50 PMM W
MEDT3010Medical Terminology25:00 PM6:50 PMW



On-Line Courses
In addition to these off-campus locations, BGSU offers a variety of on-line courses.  For a complete list of on-line course available through BGSU, refer to the schedule of classes search function and select "Distance Learning" as the campus location.
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