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ANamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Mr. Martin S. AndersonLecturer & Director of CST ProgramAS324D W20861email 
 Ms. Patricia A. AntonelliAssistant Librarian & LecturerHUMLibrary20681 
 BNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Dr. Theodore BachAssistant Professor, PhilosophyHUM209B W20654 
 Ms. Cynthia BaileyLecturer, Allied HealthAS320E W20679 
 Dr. William BalzerDean / Professor 122 FH20623 
 Ms. Sharon BrittonLibrarian, Direccter; Assistant ProfessorHUMLibrary20689 
 Dr. Michelle BrodkeAssistant Professor, Business ManagementAS151 N20699 
 Dr. Jolene K. BuehrerSenior Lecturer, EnglishHUM300E W20663 
 Ms. Mona M. BurkeSenior Lecturer & Director of HIT Prog.AS324C W20860 
 CNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Dr. Leonel CarrilloAssistant Professor, SpanishHUM317 W20619 
 Dr. Linda P. CornellAssociate Professor , ChemistryNSS328A W20863 
 DNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Dr. Katharine K. DaileyAssociate Professor, English & Women's Studies  / Dept. ChairHUM300D W20664 
 Dr. E. Christine DavisAssistant Professor, BiologyNSS333 W20733 
 Ms. Julie DidelotLecturer, SociologyNSS311B W20603 
 FNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Dr. Christopher D. FluckingerInstructor, PsychologyNSS230A W20656 
 Mr. Brent M. FoxMathematics Coord. / Teaching & Learning CenterNSS230N20610 
 GNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Ms. Michelle GallagherUniv. of Toledo - RN / BSN Program 229A W20645 
 Mr. Seth E. GardnerAssistant Professor, BiologyNSS213A W20658 
 Ms. Robin R. GarlandInstructor, RCT ProgramAS328B W20864 
 Dr. Christine A. GenoveseAssociate Professor, BiologyNSS300A W20674 
 Mr. Hossein GharanfoliInstructor, Respiratory Care TechnologyAS321A20641 
 Mr. David L. GilmoreAudio Visual Theatre TechnicianHUM1012 CPC20823 
 Dr. Jann G. GlannPart-Time Assistant Professor, Speech / Huron PlayhouseHUM329B W20662 
 Ms. Valerie S. GlowackiClinical Ed. Coordinator, Rad Tech Prog.AS329C W20639 
 HNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Ms. Linda J. HamaideSenior Lecturer, Dir. of ECE Associate Prog.HUM324F W20868 
 Mr. M. Peter Henning, IIIAssociate Professor, Applied SciencesAS155 N20678 
 Ms. Sylvia E. Hermo-FedroLecturer/Dir. RAD Tech Prog.AS301 W20666 
 Ms. Rachelle M. HipplerLecturer, CST Prog./Faculty ChairAS320D W20670 
 Mr. William J. HuepenbeckerLecturer, MathematicsNSS318A W20856 
 JNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Dr. Timothy J. JurkovacAssociate Prof., SociologyNSS305 W20661 
 Dr. Jacqueline A. JusticeAssistant Prof., EnglishHUM321 W20616 
 KNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Dr. Michael A. KimaidAssociate Prof., HistoryNSS307 W20790 
 Dr. Elsy T.KizhakethalackalAsst. Prof., EconomicsAS150 N20608 
 Dr. Andrew J. KurtzAssociate Dean for Academic Programs and Services / Professor, EnglishHUM112 FH20710 
 LNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Dr. Anne E. LeserAssociate Professor, Director of ECE Tech Bachelor Prog.HUM324B W20928 
 MNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Dr. Teresa A. MaranoAssistant Professor, Business Ed.AS311C W20653 
 Ms. Tamara J. MayLecturer, BiologyNSS339 W20840 
 Ms. Sue Ellen McComasAssistant Professor, Speech CommunicationsHUM328E W20867 
 Ms. Tracy McGinleyLecturer, Criminal Justice ProgramNSS331 W20692 
 Mr. James W. McIntyrePPT Instructor, Design Technology EPIC LAB20712 
 Dr. Cynthia L. MigliettiAssociate Professor, Accounting / Dept Chair.AS329A W20684 
 Mr. John C. MoorSenior Lecturer, English & JournalismHUM311A W20647 
 Dr. Christopher J. MrukProfessor, PsychologyNSS303 W20612
 Dr. Ryan MuckerheideAssistant Professor, EnglishHUM300F W20672 
 ONamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Dr. Victor U. OdafeAssociate Professor, Mathematics / Dept. ChairNSS320C W20785 
 PNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Dr. Tatiana W. PanasAssociate Professor, Psychology
Director of Human Services Prog.
NSS300B W20707 
 Ms. Carol M. PuderClinical Director, RCT Prog.AS154 N20671 
 RNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Mr. Roddy C. RoarkSenior Lecturer, Director RCT Prog.AS328C W20865 
 Dr. Joel D. RudingerProfessor Emeritus, EnglishHUM313 W20784
 SNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Mr. D. David SappProfessor, ArtHUM328D W20866
 Ms. Candace M. ShealyInstructor, Health Information TechnologyAS318 W20857 
 Ms. Rebecca SchlatherLCCC - Nursing Prog. 201B W20690 
 Dr. Larry R SmithProfessor Emeritus/EnglishHUM313 W20784 
 Mr. Steven P. SpriggsPPT Instructor / TECH Prep / EHOVE EPIC LAB20712 
 Dr. Ruth K. SteinbrunnerAssociate Professor, ECE Prog.HUM324A W20929 
 WNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Dr. Joseph WagnerAssistant Professor, EnglishHUM323 W20615 
 Dr. Stephanie WallsAssistant Professor, Political Science, Ethnic StudiesNSS325 W20636 
 Dr. Philip D. WeinsierAssociate Professor, EEET Prog.AS153 N20628 
 Dr. Jonathan WilliamsInstructor, PhysicsNSS316B W20858 
 Ms. Alyson K. WilsonLecturer, MathematicsNSS320F W20675 
 Mr. Craig WinstonAssistant Professor, Criminal JusticeNSS341 W20635 
 YNamePositionDept.OfficePhone Ext.EmailWeb
 Ray YoungInstructor, ECE ProgramHUM
324E W
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