Student Organizations

The following organizations are members of the BGSU Firelands community. New members are always welcome. To discover more information about any of these organizations, please contact the listed advisor or the Student & Campus Activities Office.

Advisor: Dr. Jolene Buehrer
Email: joleneb@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Miglietti
Email: cmiglie@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Miglietti
Email: cmiglie@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Ms. Penny Nemitz
Email: pnemitz@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Ms. Tracy McGinley
Email: tracygm@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Dr. Chrisine Genovese
Email: chrisag@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Ms. Linda Hamaide
Email: dlinda@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Dr. Michael Kimaid
Email: mkimaid@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Dr. Timothy Jurkovac
Email: tjohnj@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Ms. Ellen Naderer
Email: enadere@bgsu.edu

Advisors: Ms. Julie Hamann & Ms. tracy McGinley
Emails: jrogers@bgsu.edu, tracygm@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Dr. Linda Cornell
Email: lcornel@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Dr. Andrew Kurtz
Email: kurtz@bgsu.edu

About S.A.O. - T.

The Speech Activities Organization-Theatre (or S.A.O-T.) is a student speech communication activities organization which is active in the BGSU Firelands College Theatre, the Caryl Crane Children's Theatre, as well as other campus and community events. We regularly organize fundraisers for new equipment and supplies for the theatre or to purchase performance rights as well as present and perform at various events on campus.

Our Mission

"to increase interest, foster achievement and recognize the accomplishments in all of the allied arts and crafts of the speech activities program. "

What You Could Do

  • Broadcasting activities
  • Firelands presentations and productions
  • Student Speaker's Bureau
  • Reader's theatre productions
  • Coordination of speech and theatre events at BGSU Firelands


S.A.O.-T. has a regular general meeting every Friday (except BGSU holidays) at 12:30 pm in the James H. McBride Auditorium.


Advisor: Ms. Grechen Wingerter
Email: grechlw@bgsu.edu

About VCTO

Visual Communications Technology Organization at Firelands College (or VCTO) is a blend of visual arts. It deals with photography, print, movies, television, graphics,multimedia design, and display just to name a few. VCTO is composed of students who are interested in the field of Visual Communication Technology. It serves as an outlet for students to further develop, and serve the campus community within the field of visual communication.

Join Us

If you like any of these things then this is your club. VCTO is always looking for new members. We as a club try to fing some of the most interesting and exciting exhibit's, show's, web sites, trades show's and even job's for are members to go see or get involved in. We know that every one has a life outside of school and work so we try to work around our members schedules as much as possible.


Advisor: Ms. Karen Heebsh
Email: kheebsh@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Dr. Kate Dailey
Email: kdailey@bgsu.edu