Student Organizations

Student Organization Budget Training

Registered Student Organizations are eligible to reserve and utilize campus space, fundraise and apply for funding from Undergraduate Student Government.   

Student Budget Proposals (word format) are due to Student Government and the Budget Committee no later than Thursday, October 15 th at 5 p.m. via email to jetert@bgsu.edu Please submit any supporting documents to the Office of Student and Campus Activities in 106A GMH by the deadline.

At least one member of all registered student organization or the organization’s advisors must attend Student Organization Budget Training for your budget submissions to be considered.

Review and final budget approvals will be conducted the week of October 19th .

  • Monday, September 28th, 10:30-11:30 am, GMH 115
  • Monday, September 28th, 2:30-3:30 pm, GMH 115
  • Tuesday, September 29th, 12:30-1:30 pm, GMH 105
  • Tuesday, September 29th, 4:00-5:00 pm, FH 222


Student Organization Orientation

Learn about the simple steps to reserve a space on campus, request to utilize funding, fundraising with food and other leadership opportunities by attending this orientation.  All student organization officers, general members or advisors are welcomed to attend.

  • Wednesday, September 30th, 3:30-4:30 pm, GMH 115


Preparing for Travel: Trip Coordinator Training

All trips must be led by a trained Trip Coordinator.  Trip Coordinators will review the required documents and campus procedures for non-academic trips.  Training is recommended at least 30 days prior to trip departure. 

  • Wednesday, October 14th, 5:00-5:30 pm, GMH 109
  • Thursday, October 29th, 10:30-11:00 am, CPC 1004
  • Tuesday, November 3rd, 4:00-4:30 pm, FH 222

2014-2015 Registered Student Organizations

The following organizations are members of the BGSU Firelands community. New members are always welcome. To discover more information about any of these organizations, please contact the listed advisor or the Student & Campus Activities Office.

Advisor: Tracy McGinley: tracygm@bgsu.edu

President: Adam Konik: akonik@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Dr. Sue Ellen McComas: suemcco@bgsu.edu and Dr. Raymond Schuck: rschuck@bgsu.edu

President: Ariel Miller: arielm@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Brigitte Green-Churchwell: blgreen@bgsu.edu

President: Hunter Sluss: hsluss@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Jaclyn McLean: jmclean@bgsu.edu and Tamara May tjmay@bgsu.edu

President: Billie Saunders: billies@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Stephanie Walls: smwalls@bgsu.edu

President: Caleb Stidham: cstidha@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Sylvia E. Hermo-Fedro: shermo@bgsu.edu and Valerie Glowacki: vglowac@bgsu.edu

President: Jeremy Dutko: jdutko@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Dr. Megan Zahler: mzahler@bgsu.edu

President: Alyssa Ryan: alyssar@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Jaclyn McLean: jmclean@bgsu.edu and Ram Veerapaneni: ramv@bgsu.edu

President:  Michelle Boone: mboone@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Dr. Katherine Dailey: kdailey@bgsu.edu and Fred Palchick: fredp@bgsu.edu

President: Breckin Moloney: bmolone@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Dr. Andy Kurtz: kurtz@bgus.edu

President: Zachary Kleinschmidt: zkleins@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Julie Hamann: jrogers@bgsu.edu and Tracy McGinley: tracygm@bgsu.edu

President: Courtney Meyers: crmeyer@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Cara Vickery: cvicker@bgsu.edu

President: Becky Fellenstein: beckyf@bgsu.edu

Advisor:  Contact Student and Campus Activities via Trinidy Jeter: jetert@bgsu.edu

President: TBD

Advisor: Grechen Wingerter: grechlw@bgsu.edu and David Gilmore: dgilmor@bgsu.edu

President: Branden Fox: foxbm@bgsu.edu

The Student Theatre Guild is active in the BGSU Firelands College Theatre, the Caryl Crane Children's Theatre, as well as other campus and community events. We regularly organize fundraisers for new equipment and supplies for the theatre or to purchase performance rights as well as present and perform at various events on campus.

Our Mission

"to increase interest, foster achievement and recognize the accomplishments in all of the allied arts and crafts of the speech activities program. "

What You Could Do

  • Broadcasting activities
  • Firelands presentations and productions
  • Student Speaker's Bureau
  • Reader's theatre productions
  • Coordination of speech and theatre events at BGSU Firelands


S.A.O.-T. has a regular general meeting every Friday (except BGSU holidays) at 12:30 pm in the James H. McBride Auditorium.


Advisor: Ms. Grechen Wingerter
Email: grechlw@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Karen Black: kheebsh@bgsu.edu

President: Jacklyn Scheid: jlschei@bgsu.edu


About VCTO

Visual Communications Technology Organization at Firelands College (or VCTO) is a blend of visual arts. It deals with photography, print, movies, television, graphics,multimedia design, and display just to name a few. VCTO is composed of students who are interested in the field of Visual Communication Technology. It serves as an outlet for students to further develop, and serve the campus community within the field of visual communication.

Join Us

If you like any of these things then this is your club. VCTO is always looking for new members. We as a club try to fing some of the most interesting and exciting exhibit's, show's, web sites, trades show's and even job's for are members to go see or get involved in. We know that every one has a life outside of school and work so we try to work around our members schedules as much as possible.


Advisor: Ms. Karen Heebsh
Email: kheebsh@bgsu.edu

Advisor: Dr. Cindy Miglietti: cmiglie@bgsu.edu

President: Graham Mast: gmast@bgsu.edu