Caryl Crane Memorial Tribute

"The Caryl Crane Children's Theatre has been a dream of mine for years. I want to have it open to children, ages 10 through 18, who live in this area."
- Caryl Crane, Founder

Photo of Dr. Ronald M. Ruble and Miss Caryl Crane  

Dr. Ronald M. Ruble and Miss Caryl Crane

"We are interested in doing good children's theatre, and in providing a valid learning experience.
Therefore, we prefer children who want to learn about the discipline and skills of the art of performing first, and who want to have fun second"
- Dr. Ronald M. Ruble, Artistic Director (1991 - 2009)


Miss Caryl Crane: A Visionary 
(1908 - 1999) 
by Ronald M. Ruble

All her life, Caryl Crane dared to dream of wonderful things to come.  Never one to sit around and hope someone else might come up with the idea, she got the idea then did it.  She filled her ninety-one years of life with challenges and accomplishments that touched the hearts of so many people.

Dr. Ronald M. Ruble and Miss Caryl Crane

She received a music degree at University of Michigan, an education degree at Ohio State, taught music at Lorain School, sang at Severance Hall with Met Opera stars, sang professionally in New York, returned to the Lorain/Sandusky area to begin a career in women's fashions, and became a co-founder of Harlequins Community Theater. She founded a children's theater program in her name to fulfill a life long dream, and initiated the Caryl Crane Performing Arts Scholarship program to enable Firelands college students to work toward their degrees.

At the center of her quest was always a steadfast belief in the worth and value of the human being; with special focus on children  For Caryl, the slogan "Children Are Our Future," wasn't a hollow was real.  She was dedicated to giving children the opportunity to explore and discover who they are through theater and performance. 

I have a heart filled with loving memories of my dear friend Caryl Crane.  She cannot be replaced.  So, we have to learn to live with the memories we have of her. 

I'm so glad that hearts are albums...filled with pictures of yesterday.  Aren't you?


We Miss You, Caryl

Caryl Crane Remembrance Collage


"The Caryl Crane Children's Theatre is a wonderful part of all that we do here at BGSU Firelands. We are truly a college of the community. Dr. Ruble is an excellent example of a faculty member who knows and understands the importance of community outreach. His students, both younger and older, are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him in order to learn the art and craft of the theatre."

Dr. James M. Smith, Former Dean - BGSU Firelands

“I’ve learned a lot about performing and about different cultures by being in these plays. I love working with Dr. Ruble because he does theatre best”

(Alex Grant – 14)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -2005

“A great program! This is a wonderful opportunity for both children and adults. I enjoy being on stage with people of varying ages.”

(Dawn Franklin – parent)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - 2005

"I am so glad I found out about the Caryl Children's Theatre. I am grateful for having been in the program. It was one of the best things that ever happended to me"

(Brittany Pfeil - 15)
My Fathers Father- 2000

“Jesse’s learning so much in this program. Dr. Ruble’s passion for teaching and the theatre is wonderful!”

(Delma Miedema - parent) 
Tales from Hans Christian Adersen - 2004

“The best part about being in the Caryl Crane Theatre was meeting interesting people and making so many new friends. It was so much fun!”

(Kate Carabin – 12)
Pinocchio- 2003

"CCCT is the perfect place to be. Every person gets special attention. Dr. Ruble and the crew are great teachers. They made sure we had fun while we worked hard to make the show the best it could be."

(Luke Widman - 13)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - 2005

“Dr. Ruble nurtures and develops the talent 
in each child, instilling in each child the desire to be the best and most professional actor
they can be!”

(Betsy Naveaux – parent)
Tales from Hans Christian Andersen - 2004

“I love being in this program. I have learned a lot about performing and about working with others. Dr. Ruble and Jann Glann are terrific directors and teachers.”

(Nate Huntley – 13)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - 2005


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