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Whether you are a new BGSU student or returning to start another semester, there are always important questions that need to be answered.  If you are looking for answers, start here.

If you are a new BGSU student, make sure you take the following steps:

Activate Your BGSU Account
So that you can receive all future information and complete your enrollment, you will need to be connected to BGSU. This account will give you access to an email account and to the MyBGSU Web Portal to conduct many types of University business. From the My BGSU Web Portal, you will be able to register for classes, view billing information, see your financial aid information and view your grades.
Register to Attend the New Student Orientation

If you have not already done so, you may now also reserve your date to attend New Student Orientation. During this program, you will get an overview of the educational opportunities, services, and student and campus activities available to you at BGSU Firelands.

You may reserve your date by calling our Academic and Student Services office at 419-433-5560 ext. 20886.

Meet with your Academic Advisor
During your New Student Orientation session, you will be able to make an appointment with your academic advisor.  Your advisor will meet with you, review your student information and help you select courses that meet your degree goal and interests.  Once you have met with your advisor, you will be able to register for the classes you need using the MyBGSU Web Portal.
Register for Classes
  1. Know the Registration System Dates and Access Times by checking the information as posted by the Office of Registration and Records.
  2. Be sure to check the holds on your account via MyBGSU to assure that you can register! Resolve any holds prior to your registration access time.
  3. Review your Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) to determine your remaining requirements.
  4. Map out a long-range plan (your advisor will be helpful with this) and be sure you know and follow pre-requisites, class offerings (some are only offered once per year) so you don't mistakenly fall out of sequence.
  5. Consult the online schedule of classes ahead of time to map out your desired classes and times offered.
  6. Register as soon as you are able to avoid getting closed out of important classes.
Get your BG1 Card (Photo ID) ID.
Go to the Main Computer Lab, North Building, RM 231. They will take your picture and provide you with a BG1 Card once you have registered for classes..
Find out about Transfer of Credit

An official evaluation of your attempted college credits will be made by the Office of Registration and Records. Questions regarding the transfer of credit from other institutions should be directed to the Transfer Evaluation Office in the Office of Registration and Records by e-mail at transfer@bgsu.edu or by calling 419-372-7959.

If you are currently taking classes or plan to take more classes before enrolling at BGSU Firelands, have an updated official transcript sent to BGSU Firelands as soon as the courses are completed. This will ensure an accurate evaluation of your transfer credits.

Send Your Final Transcripts

If you are still enrolled in high school or college, once you have completed your final semester of high school or college, please have those final transcripts sent to the Office of Admission. The mailing address is:

Office of Admission
BGSU Firelands
One University Drive
Huron, Ohio 44839

Questions of interest to all students

How do I apply for financial aid?

Students attending classes in the summer or fall terms may apply for federal financial aid anytime after January 1.  New students for spring semester should apply no later than October to ensure their aid will be ready for spring enrollment.  To be considered for need-based aid, you must be an admitted student and file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). When completing the FAFSA, be sure to list BGSU's school code: 003018.
For more information regarding federal financial aid and programs, go to www.bgsu.edu/offices/sfa or call the BGSU Firelands Financial Aid Office at 419-433-5560 ext. 20655

Where can I learn about scholarship opportunities?

For details on scholarship opportunities for students go to http://www.firelands.bgsu.edu/offices/sfa/    To apply for scholarships through the BGSU Firelands Scholarship Program, go to http://sfa.bgsu.edu/sa/firelands/default.asp

How do I look up my schedule?

Look up your schedule using your MyBGSU account.  Go to https://webapp.bgsu.edu/idp/Authn/UserPassword to sign in and access your "Student Center" tab.

What if I need to change my major?

Go to Academic and Student Service, West Building, RM 129.  For more information go to http://www.firelands.bgsu.edu/offices/oss/index.html

I had an IEP/MFE in high school.  Who can I talk to about additional support at BGSU Firelands?

Contact Disability Services in the Teaching and Learning Center or call 419.433.5560 ext. 20748.  More information is available at http://www.firelands.bgsu.edu/offices/tlc/page62707.html

I'm sure I will need help with some of my classes.  Where can I go for tutoring support?

I'm sure I will need help with some of my classes.  Where can I go for tutoring support?
The Teaching and Learning Center provides FREE tutoring.  For additional details see the website at http://www.firelands.bgsu.edu/offices/tlc/index.html or stop in to speak to a support specialist in North Building, second floor.

I am a special needs student.  Who do I talk to about support at BGSU Firelands?

Contact Disability Services in the Teaching and Learning Center or call 419.433.5560 ext. 20748.  More information is available at http://www.firelands.bgsu.edu/offices/tlc/page62707.html

I received a bill from BGSU and I have questions.

Go to Student Accounts, Foundation Hall, RM 103C or call 419.433.5560 ext. 20605.  You may also find answers on the BGSU Bursar webpage at http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/bursar/

What is the Bookstore Opt In?

The Bookstore Opt In program is an opportunity to use financial aid funds prior to the start of a semester to purchase your books.  In order to utilize this program all financial aid materials must be completed prior to the program deadline.  For more details go to http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/bookstore/page80528.html

I do not have a MyBGSU account.  How do I get one?

Once admitted you will receive information about setting up your BGNet email and MyBGSU Web portal accounts.  For any questions regarding how to activate these accounts please contact Technical Support at 419-433-5560 ext.20743

Helpful BGSU Firelands Web Sites & Phone Numbers

Academic and Student ServicesAdmission
419-433-5560 ext. 20886

419-433-5560 ext. 20607

BookstoreCareer Services
419-433-5560 ext. 20677

419-433-5560 ext. 20888

Disability ServicesFinancial Aid
419-433-5560 ext. 20614

419-433-5560 ext. 20655

LibraryRegistration and Records
419-433-5560 ext. 20739

419-433-5560 ext. 20651

Student Accounts (Bursar)Student and Campus Activities
419-433-5560 ext. 20605 http://www.firelands.bgsu.edu/offices/osca/
419-433-5560 ext. 20648

Technology Support Services 
419-433-5560 ext. 20626

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