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Courses OfferedAvailable classes will depend on teacher qualifications and availability of college mentors of the HS teacher. Only 1000 and 2000 level courses are eligible for consideration as part of the HS-based Dual Enrollment program.  Courses will follow BGSU academic calendar. 
Student QualificationsAn overall HSGPA of 3.0 or a 3.2 HSGPA in the area of intended study. Successful performance on placement test (e.g., ACT Compass) that demonstrates the HS student meets existing state “college ready” standards.  Students must be in-state. (Foreign exchange students are not eligible.)
Teacher QualificationsHS teachers must meet established standards set by the Higher Learning Commission and the Ohio Board of Regents, which typically require the minimum of a master’s degree in the content area. HS faculty member must be approved by the faculty from the academic department or program area that oversees the course.  
MentoringTeachers will be supervised by a BGSU mentor.  Other expectations may be established (e.g., a daylong workshop for new HS instructors to interact with BGSU faculty on pedagogical issues, grading standards, familiarization with student learning outcomes, etc.). BGSU faculty will be compensated with a stipend per the Dual Enrollment Stipend schedule, not to affect their regular faculty workload.
Cost to Schools$1,000 per course or $200 per student per course, not to exceed $1,000. 
Tuition & FeesIncluded in the per course fee.
TextbooksStudents (or high schools) will be responsible for the cost of the text. Text and syllabus will be the same as the BGSU on-campus course.
GradesInstructors submit grades at the end of the course, using BGSU’s grading scale.

BGSU Main Campus:Patricia Bruielly,, 419.372.7882

BGSU Firelands: David Janik,,

BGSU also has other mechanisms in place for accelerated/dual enrollment: Advanced Placement Credit, Credit by Exam, and Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEOP). While students and their families pay for Advanced Placement, Credit by Exam, and the High School College Credit Program, the state pays for PSEOP.

For additional information on the Dual Enrollment Program, please contact the Office of College Access at 419.433.5560 (or) 1.800.322.4787 Ext. 20889.

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