About the Department

The Humanities department offers a wide and diverse area of interests, as reflected by the scope of associated Internet links devoted to it.

The humanities involve the study of human beings and their culture. The focus is on the intellectual, artistic, spiritual, valuational, intuitive, logical, emotional, and physical development of the person. Included in the humanities are both reflective studies and the expression and communication of thoughts, feelings, and values, particularly through the creative and performing arts.

The Humanities Department of BGSU Firelands includes full-time faculty in English (composition, literature, creative writing, and technical writing), popular culture, women's studies, journalism, French, Spanish, Canadian studies, art, art history, speech and interpersonal communications, theatre, library, philosophy, and religious studies. Several more areas are added through our use of part-time faculty. It is possible for a student to receive an Associate of Arts degree by emphasizing one or more of the areas of the humanities, either for personal improvement or en route to a bachelor's degree at the BGSU main campus or at another university.

The Humanities Department is the BGSU Firelands home for the Early Childhood Studies bachelors degree in partnership with the BGSU College of Education.

Majors & Programs

Majors & Programs


Dr. Katharine K. Dailey

Position: Associate Professor of English & Women's Studies
Department Chair of Humanities
Phone: 419.372.0664
Email: kdailey@bgsu.edu
Address: 300D George Mylander Hall

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Dr. Theodore Bach

Position: Associate Professor of Philosophy
Phone: 419.372.0937
Email: tbach@bgsu.edu
Address: 316J George Mylander Hall

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Dr. Jolene K. Buehrer

Position: Senior Lecturer of English
Phone: 419.372.0663
Email: joleneb@bgsu.edu
Address: 330E George Mylander Hall


Dr. Leonel Carrillo

Position: Assistant Professor of Spanish
Phone: 419.372.0619
Email: carrill@bgsu.edu
Address: 317 George Mylander Hall


Ms. June Haynes

Position: Instructor of Inclusive Early Childhood Education
Phone: 419.372.0868
Email: jsouthw@bgsu.edu
Address: 324F George Mylander Hall


Dr. Jacqueline A. Justice

Position: Associate Professor of English
Phone: 419.372.0616
Email: jjustic@bgsu.edu
Address: 321 George Mylander Hall


Dr. Andrew J. Kurtz

Position: Executive Associate Dean
Associate Professor of English
Deputy coordinator Title IX
Phone: 419.372.0633
Email: kurtz@bgsu.edu
Address: 112 Foundation Hall


Dr. Anne E. Leser

Position: Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education
Director of Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education Program
Phone: 419.372.20940
Email: aleser@bgsu.edu
Address: 316G George Mylander Hall


Dr. Sue Ellen McComas

Position: Associate Professor in Speech Communications
Phone: 419.372.0940
Email: 419.372.0867
Address: 328E George Mylander Hall

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Mr. John C. Moor

Position: Senior Lecturer of English and Journalism
Phone: 419.372.0647
Email: cmoor@bgsu.edu
Address: 311A George Mylander Hall


Dr. Ryan M. Muckerheide

Position: Assistant Professor of English
Phone: 419.372.0672
Email: rmucker@bgsu.edu
Address: 300F George Mylander Hall

David Sapp

Mr. D. David Sapp

Position: Professor of Art
Phone: 419.372.0866
Email: dsapp@bgsu.edu
Address: 328D George Mylander Hall

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Dr. Raymond I. Schuck

Position: Associate Professor of Communication
Phone: 419.372.0929
Email: rschuck@bgsu.edu
Address: 324A George Mylander Hall


Dr. Joseph B. Wagner

Position: Assistant Professor of English
Phone: 419.372.0615
Email: wagnejb@bgsu.edu
Address: 323 George Mylander Hall