Applied Sciences

About the Department

The department offers occupational and technical associate degree programs, as well as certificate programs that are designed to prepare students for employment. These programs provide skilled and educated employees who contribute to the areas's workforce and economic expansion of the local community. Continuation of study beyond the associate degree program is available in many of the degree areas, which are designed to enable students to succeed both in the workplace and then advance their careers by continuing in management related baccalaureate degree programs.

Majors & Programs

Majors & Programs


Dr. Cynthia L. Miglietti

Position: Professor of Accounting
Director of Business Management Technology Program
Department Chair of Applied Sciences
Phone: 419.372.0684
Email: cmiglie@bgsu.edu
Address: 329A George Mylander Hall


Mr. Martin S. Anderson

Position: Senior Lecturer of Computer Science Technology
Director of Computer Science Technology Program
Phone: 419.372.0861
Email: martya@bgsu.edu
Address: 324D George Mylander Hall


Ms. Cynthia M. Bailey

Position: Lecturer of Allied Health & Biology
Phone: 419.372.0939
Email: cbailey@bgsu.edu
Address: 316L George Mylander Hall


Ms. Karen S. Black

Position: Instructor of Visual Communication Technology
Director of VMT/VCT Program
Phone: 419.372.0941
Email: kheebsh@bgsu.edu
Address: 316H George Mylander Hall


Dr. Michelle H. Brodke

Position: Associate Professor of Business Management
Phone: 419.372.0699
Email: mbrodke@bgsu.edu
Address: 112A George Mylander Hall


Ms. Mona M. Burke

Position: Senior Lecturer of Health Information Management Technology
Director of Health Information Management Technology Program
Phone: 419.372.0860
Email: burkem@bgsu.edu
Address: 324C George Mylander Hall


Ms. Megan C. Dixon

Position: Instructor of Respiratory Care Technology
Phone: 419.372.0637
Email: megancd@bgsu.edu
Address: 325 George Mylander Hall


Ms. Dana R. Eskins

Position: Clinical Coordinator for Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
Phone: 419.372.0857
Email: danae@bgsu.edu
Address: 318 George Mylander Hall


Ms. Robin R. Garland

Position: Instructor of Respiratory Care Technology
Phone: 419.372.0864
Email: rgarlan@bgsu.edu
Address: 328B George Mylander Hall


Mr. Hossein Gharanfoli

Position: Lecturer of Respiratory Care Technology
Phone: 419.372.0641
Email: hgharan@bgsu.edu
Address: 321A George Mylander Hall


Ms. Valerie S. Glowacki

Position: Clinical Education Coordinator for Radiologic Technology Program
Phone: 419.372.0639
Email: vglowac@bgsu.edu
Address: 329C George Mylander Hall


Ms. Jillian Harris

Position: Instructor of Visual Communication Technology
Phone: 419.372.0863
Email: jilliah@bgsu.edu
Address: 328A George Mylander Hall


Ms. Sylvia E. Hermo-Fedro

Position: Lecturer of Radiologic Technology Program
Director of Radiologic Technology Program
Phone: 419.372.0666
Email: shermo@bgsu.edu
Address: 301 George Mylander Hall


Ms. Rachelle M. Hippler

Position: Senior Lecturer of Computer Science
Phone: 419.372.0670
Email: rkristo@bgsu.edu
Address: 320D George Mylander Hall


Dr. Elsy Thomas Kizhakethalackal

Position: Assistant Professor of Economics
Phone: 419.372.0608
Email: ekizhak@bgsu.edu
Address: 316F George Mylander Hall


Ms. Carol M. Puder

Position: Director of Clinical Education for Respiratory Care Technology
Phone: 419.372.0671
Email: cpuder@bgsu.edu
Address: 324E George Mylander Hall


Mr. Roddy C. Roark

Position: Senior Lecturer of Respiratory Care Technology
Director of Respiratory Care Technology Program
Phone: 419.372.0865
Email: rroark@bgsu.edu
Address: 328C George Mylander Hall


Ms. Candace M. Shealy

Position: Instructor of Health Information Management Technology
Phone: 419.372.0928
Email: cshealy@bgsu.edu
Address: 324B George Mylander Hall


Ms. Cara M. Vickery

Position: Instructor of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Director of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Phone: 419.372.0884
Email: cvickery@bgsu.edu
Address: 329B George Mylander Hall


Dr. Philip Weinsier

Position: Professor of Industrial Technology
Director of Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology
Phone: 419.372.0628
Email: philipw@bgsu.edu
Address: 319 George Mylander Hall