Campus Parking Map & Regulations

  1. Introduction
    The Board of Trustees of Bowling Green State University, by authority of Ohio Revised Code Section 3345.04, on July 8, 1976 enacted a code of regulations effective September 6, 1976, to provide control of the parking and operation of motor vehicles on any property owned or controlled by Bowling Green State University. The State of Ohio motor vehicle laws and the following rules constitute the regulations for parking and operating motor vehicles at the Firelands College of Bowling Green State University. The rules set forth herein supersede and take precedence over any other statements that appear in other University publications. "Motor Vehicles" as referenced herein shall include motorcycles, motorbikes and "mopeds" as well as automobiles, trucks, and vans.
  2. General Regulations
    1. All persons driving motorized vehicles to and parking on campus shall register them by visiting and completing the on-line form under the My Vehicle Registration link. Parking decals will be mailed to the student's home address. Display the decal in the motor vehicle and park only where permitted by the decal.
    2. Responsibility for finding a parking space resides with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of available space is not justification for violation of these regulations.
    3. Pedestrians shall have the right of way at all times.
    4. Medical permits are available from the Budget & Operations Office (Room 136, Foundation Hall).
    5. The person who registers a motor vehicle is responsible for all non-moving violations. All moving violations shall be charged to the operator of the motor vehicle.
    6. Every possible precaution will be taken to prevent theft, damage, or vandalism, but the University assumes no responsibility for motor vehicles or their contents.
    7. Motor vehicle accidents occurring at BGSU Firelands must be reported immediately to the Erie County Sheriff's Office (419.625.7951) regardless of the extent of the accident.
  3. Motor Vehicle Registration Fees and Decals
    1. There is no charge for motor vehicle registration. However, all persons driving motorized vehicles to and parking on campus shall register them by visiting http://my.bgsu.ecu/ and completing the on-line form under the My Vehicle Registration link). Parking decals will be mailed to the student's home address.
    2. A parking decal is valid only through the date indicated on the face of the decal.
    3. Securing a parking decal inside a motor vehicle will be the responsibility of the decal holder. Motor vehicles are to be locked and windows closed at all times. Failure to lock a vehicle may contribute to the theft of a decal.
    4. If a decal is lost or stolen it will be replaced after the individual completes a theft report with the Budget and Operations Office. A replacement charge of $30.00 will be assessed the individual.
    5. If a person must drive an unregistered motor vehicle for a day, he/she should notify the receptionist in Foundation Hall.
    6. Parking decals must be displayed from the rearview mirror when parked on University property. Both sides must be entirely visible.
    7. Possession of, or complicity in the use of, a stolen or lost decal will result in criminal prosecution and loss of campus parking privileges until the expiration date of the original decal.

Please note that registration of a motor vehicle is complete only after the decal is displayed.

  1. Violations and Fines
    1. All fines for violations must be paid within 96 hours (four days) at the Budget & Operations Office (Room 136, Foundation Hall).
    2. Violations of the State of Ohio motor vehicle laws while on campus will result in a citation being issued by the Erie County Sheriff's office. Any penalties resulting from said citation are to be paid and/or contested at the Huron Municipal or Erie County Juvenile courts as indicated on the citation.
  2. Registration Violations
    1. Failure to register or failure to renew temporary registration. Vehicles other than those of visitors to the Campus must be registered at all times.
    2. Improper registration.
    3. Failure to or improper display of decal/permit.
    4. Improper display of decal/permit.
    5. Displaying of false, altered, forged, another person's or another vehicle's decal permit.

On any motor vehicle a decal/permit must be displayed so as to be readily visible from the driveway.

  1. Parking Violations
    1. Decal/permit does not match area lot/permit designation
    2. Not parked in marked designated space.
      $ 5.00
    3. Vehicle backed into space or pulled through one space adjacent space resulting in backed-in position.
      $ 5.00
    4. Parking in loading/unloading zone area. ea. 20-Minute Violation
    5. Unattended vehicle parked or stopped in/on drive. All drives are firelanes.
    6. Parked in posted reserved space or area.
    7. Parked in closed space or area.
    8. Parked in loading dock/delivery area.
  2. Appeals
    Violation summonses which might be contested should be referred to the Firelands Traffic Appeals Committee. The committee is comprised of a Student Services staff member, a student, and a faculty member. Appeals must be made within 96 hours (four days) after the date of issuance appearing on the violation summons. Appeals forms are available in Room 101, West Building, or at the receptionist’s desk in Foundation Hall. The appeals form must be completed and turned in at the receptionist’s desk.
  3. Parking Areas
    1. All parking lots are clearly marked with capital letters A through H attaching to lamp posts.
    2. Parking in Lot H is for Visitors Only.
    3. Faculty, staff, and visitors have reserved parking in the Parking Lot A. This area is clearly marked with yellow lines.
    4. Students with regular parking permits may park in all other designated parking areas except handicapped / medical parking spaces.
    5. The cul-de-sacs are designated as Fire Lanes. Parking in these areas is therefore prohibited at all times. Violators may have their vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.
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